Girl Scouts Regret Congratulating Amy Coney Barrett

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The Girl Scouts of America congratulated Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the fifth woman seated on the Supreme Court. The problem? They did so online, where it’s forbidden.

After a bunch of miserable left-wing Twitter accounts expressed their outrage, the Girl Scouts bent the knee and deleted the tweet:

The Girl Scouts tried to justify the statement, claiming it was “partisan.”

Congratulating someone for being sworn into our Supreme Court is not even political — it’s patriotic. It will also be patriotic to congratulate President Donald Trump or Joe Biden next week. Of course, per Twitter rules, doing so to Trump is racist, partisan, and political. Congratulating Biden would just be the right thing to do. Setting a good example, right?

The Girl Scouts didn’t specify when tweeting support of female leaders became a no-go. Or what separates Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg from Supreme Court Justice Barrett:

Any ideas?

Also, why is supporting Hillary Clinton allowed but not Barrett?


The Girl Scouts weren’t the only organization to publicly regret congratulating ACB. The Kappa Delta sorority, which Barrett was a member of, also issued an apology. They are sorry for “hurting” their sisters:

As always, if you bow to loud, pathetic Twitter users — you will lead an online life of fear. These people are awful, all of them.

Anyway, congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett on your appointment to the Supreme Court.

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  1. Girl Scouts doing an about face is one thing (and very VERY shameful to add), but ACB’s own sorority (Nationally, not her old chapter) removing any praise of an alumna this accomplished all because of some political butthurt is beyond fk’ed up.

    • For real. There are 2.5 million of Girl Scouts, and I don’t think ACB was one. There are only 260,000 Kappa Delta sorority members and ACB was a member. Kappa Delta should be spinning it any way they can to celebrate ACB. Gutless.

  2. As the father of 3 young children, 2 of whom are girls, and as a guy who lives in a super-‘progressive’ town, I’m getting more and more discouraged. Even my wife, who generally leans left and usually votes Democrat is starting to see how absurd the progressive movement is becoming. She even mentioned private school the other day! In any event, I was in Cub Scouts when I grew up, and I had a great experience, but I would have a tough time justifying enrolling my son after their decades of going Catholic Church and covering up for pedophiles. I had always thought the Girl Scouts was the sane organization, yet here we are. And echoing some of the other sentiment here, why, WHY do the Girl Scouts have a Twitter account? What good could that possibly serve them?

  3. So Girl Scouts are taking sides now, ignoring ACB achievement as #1 in her law class and a successful federal judge. What a shame. How about diversity and tolerance?

  4. I just like the fact that the left is showing not only are they the racists…they are the misogynists as well.

    Besides I think most of the lamenting is the fact she was able to do it while also being married and raising 7 kids. Feminists really hate that.

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