Steven Crowder Offers to Hire Gina Carano After Disney Firing

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Gina Carano’s future in Hollywood is up in the air after Disney finally found an excuse to fire the conservative actress this week. While most decision-makers in the entertainment industry are too spineless to endure the backlash from the mob that’d come with bringing in Carano, YouTube star Steven Crowder is not.

In reaction to the news, Crowder told his audience that he wouldn’t just bring Carano on his show, he’d hire her:

“If you need a job, we have one for you here at Louder with Crowder,” Crowder explains. “There are 70 million-plus Americans who have your back.”

Give Crowder credit. He’s not just talking, he means it. Crowder has over five million YouTube subscribers and has lately looked to use his reach to make a difference. He publicly pushed back against Facebook’s censorship and the radical Santa who told a crying little boy that Nerf guns are bad.

What Disney did to Carano is shameful, as I discussed yesterday:

“Fear drives decision-making. Inconsistencies reveal motives.

“The push to cancel/fire/ruin Carano started long before her social media post. Her removal campaign began once the public learned she committed a crime: holding conservative views while working in Hollywood. A November petition to have Carano fired ignited after she didn’t rush to support Black Lives Matter.

“Thus, taking down Gina Carano has been in the works for months. Her social media post didn’t give Disney a reason to fire her. It gave Disney the excuse it has been seeking. It changes nothing moving forward. No new standard is set.”

You can read my full piece about the situation here.

Crowder is right, and every freedom-loving American should have Carano’s back, not just Trump supporters. I’m wishing her the best and encouraging her to at least open up about the firing on Crowder’s show soon.

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