Gilbert Arenas Slams ‘Alcoholic’ Former Teammate Kwame Brown

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Kwame Brown is widely considered one of the biggest busts in NBA history. The number one pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, Brown averaged double digits only once in his career and never pulled down more than 7 rebounds per game.

The reason? Alcohol. At least according to former Wizard teammate Gilbert Arenas who calls Brown a “flop” and an “alcoholic.”

Arenas would seemingly know. He spent both the ’03-04 campaign and the following season playing alongside Brown in Washington. And from the sound of it, they won’t soon be exchanging travel plans in an effort to organize a team reunion.

“He was a f—ing drunk man, he was a f—ing drunk. That’s what Kwame Brown was,” Arenas said during a recent sit down with Vlad TV. “Had a bad game, drunk. Had a good game, drunk. Was bored, drunk.

“…It’s how he coped with life.”

Brown played 13 NBA seasons, averaging a disappointing 6.6 points per game and 5.5 rebounds. His bad games led to more drinking, and plenty of it, per Arenas: “He had a bad game, drunk even more.”

He then added: “That mother f—er always had a bad game, so he was always drunk! He was a f—ing alcoholic man,” insisted Arenas.

“That’s the reason (Brown) played 13 years but only made $66 million. Because they always undercutted (sic) him because they had the alcoholic,” Arenas told Vlad TV.

Not yet finished dragging his former teammate through the dirt, Arenas continued going after Brown – who’s spent his post-playing days lashing out at critics. “Stop blaming everybody else (for a lack of NBA success), you didn’t work out, you didn’t train on your game, you didn’t,” Arenas said.

“Five, six and zero. Those were your stats,” added Arenas, referring to the oft-sparse box scores associated with Brown.

Brown’s $66 million career earnings trailed Arenas by nearly $100 million. A former second-round pick, Arenas reportedly made just under $164 million in his 13-season career. Per Arenas, those numbers justify Brown’s label as a flop.

“If he made the money I made he’s still a flop,” Arenas said. “That’s how far off he was. If he made what I made, he’s still a flop.”

Brown last played in the NBA for Philadelphia during the 2012-13 season, averaging 1.9 points per game.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I’m here for Kwame Browns response to Gilbert Arenas. He was epic a year ago with Stephen Jackson et al, and I hope he busts out the flame thrower on Gilbert Arenas too.

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