Giants Weathered Mother Nature And Dodgers To Take NLDS Lead

Aggressive winds and quiet bats were all that were needed to give the San Francisco Giants a 2-1 series lead over the Dodgers. With 15-20 mph winds consistently whipping through the stadium, neither team was able to generate much offense, making Mother Nature Game Three’s most impactful performer.

“I hardly even remember a light breeze here most nights,” said Giants outfielder Brandon Crawford. “The wind was definitely pretty crazy tonight, and it was a factor in the game for sure.”

A fifth-inning Evan Longoria solo homer was the only hit to cause any damage in wind-filled Dodger Stadium, and it led to San Francisco’s 1-0 win.

“In five years of playing here, I’ve never seen the weather and the wind like it was tonight,” said winning-pitcher Alex Wood, via “It was just really odd. It felt like we were kind of playing in San Francisco a little bit, more so than L.A. But just a great team win, it really was.”

The powerful gusts didn’t just affect the bats. Dodgers ace Max Scherzer was so bothered by the wind that at one point, he stumbled off the mound.

“I didn’t realize how much the wind was going to affect me,” Scherzer said post-game. “The wind was really pushing me toward home plate and it was pretty strong tonight.”

Those same breezy conditions that may have aided Longoria’s fifth-inning blast had the opposite effect on L.A.’s Gavin Lux. His ninth-inning swing appeared likely to tie the game, until Mother Nature reappeared and dropped his shot near the warning track.

“My stomach pretty much sank when he hit it,” Longoria added. “I couldn’t believe that it didn’t (go over the fence), but I guess it was just our night tonight.”

Game Four is slated for this evening. No word on Mother Nature’s pre-game status.



Written by Anthony Farris

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