Giants Fan Peed His Pants During Tailgate Prior To Playoff Loss To The Eagles

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Last weekend was a rough weekend for Giants fans. The Philadelphia Eagles made easy work of their team and ended their season. The Eagles jumped all over their division rival early and coasted to a 38-7 victory.

Little did we know at the time, but the game was won during the tailgate. A video surfaced earlier this week that shows an Eagles fan convincing an almost certainly drunk Giants fan to piss his pants.

Giants Fan Peed Himself
Giants fan peed his pants prior to kickoff (Image Credit: Crossing Broad)

It was pointed out to the Eagles fan, well before kickoff, that one of the Giants faithful had already had an accident in his pants. He responded to the news by joking, “Giants fans are already scared, they’re pissing themselves.”

The Eagles fan, of course, wanted to see if the drunken fan would add to his already rough start by peeing his pants again. With microphone in hand. and the camera close by, he says to the Giants fan, “You won’t piss.”

Apparently not one to back down from a good time, this guy gets right to work. He focuses and starts peeing on command while his friends chant “piss!”

This Giants fan was dedicated to the pregame entertainment too. He didn’t just let a little out to make a wet spot on his pants. No, this guy soaked himself.

They Weren’t Ready To Have Nice Things In New York

That had to rinse off most, if not all, of his big game Easter egg dye from his schlong right? If you’re not familiar with that, prior to last weekend’s embarrassing performance another fan of the New York football Giants claimed male fans dyed their junk before big games.

The fan said, “There’s a certain organ that only males have. We dye our organ blue with the Easter egg dye and then that’s like a secret thing that we have going and it helps us prevail.”

Luckily for our pee pants fan he didn’t waste any lucky dye on a blowout loss. He probably didn’t see the entire game if he even made to kickoff. Better luck next year, Giants fans.

Written by Sean Joseph


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