Giants Can Keep It Close Against Cowboys

Giants vs. Cowboys, 4:30 ET

Ah, America’s team. What is more American than football and the gluttony of a huge meal that we eat so much that we are damn-near sleeping when we get to this game. I actually think this is probably the best game of our Thursday slate, so we might want to take a look at this one and stay awake for it.

The Giants and Cowboys have already played once on the year and took the game with a 23-16 road victory with backup quarterback Cooper Rush. The Cowboys defense has been very strong this year and has kept them in the majority of games. So far, they have allowed just 16.7 points per game to their opponents. The offense has started to look a bit better and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them keep improving as they take on Giants team that is reeling quite a bit. After losing to the Packers in a strange game, they came back and absolutely blew the doors off of a Vikings team that was teetering on a loss for a while. You kind of need to throw out both of those games though because the Vikings game was more situational-based, and the Packers game… well it seems a bit fishy to me how some of that stuff happened.

The Giants are coming off of a loss to the Lions in a game they really shouldn’t have lost. At least not on the surface. Not trying to take anything away from the Lions, but that wasn’t a great spot for them and maybe the Giants were looking ahead to this game. The Cowboys and Giants are both 7-3 on the year and this game could mean a lot for the playoff and even divisional picture if the Eagles keep slipping up. How can they win this game? Well, their offense will need to play better. If you look are the Cowboys average production, it is almost identical to what the Giants defense allows. So if you expect the Cowboys to get that, they will then score roughly 25 points. The Giants simply must score more points than they’ve been putting up lately. They haven’t exceeded 24 points in any of their past five games.

Nine points in this game seems a bit too much. I think the books don’t believe in the Giants and I’m not sure that I do either. However, I do think they can keep this game closer than two scores. I can see them losing by seven, but I do think the Giants keep it close. I may regret this, but I’ll probably regret that second helping of mashed potatoes too. I’ll take the Giants with the 9 points.

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Written by David Troy

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