Gervonta Davis’ Camp Goes BONKERS After Ryan Garcia Agrees To Bet FULL Purse On Super-Fight

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Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are finally getting into the ring together on Saturday night. The long-awaited super-fight between two of the most high-profile boxers in the world is finally happening, barring any unforeseen setbacks.

And to the victor will go all of the spoils. At least, so has been said.

Davis and Garcia are fighting for the whole purse. Unless the latter backs out.

Davis, who has held multiple belts in three weight classes across the WBA and IBF, is the bigger draw at the moment. He is guaranteed $1.5 million for the fight.

Garcia, the young up-and-comer who held the WBC interim lightweight title in 2021 and has burst onto the scene in recent years, is set to make just $350,000. The two will split the PPV share 60-40 in Davis’ favor.

None of those numbers matter, if Garcia stays true to his word.

Both boxers hopped on Instagram Live together on Monday night and things got spicy in a hurry. After some back-and-forth trash talk, Davis decided to make the stakes of the fight even more interesting.

Gervonta Davis asked Ryan Garcia if wanted to make a bet.

Garcia said he was down. Davis then clarified the amount, confirming that his opponent was putting up the whole purse.

Let’s do it. The whole purse […] You hear me on the live. Let’s go! Let’s make a contract, let’s sign it, both of us.

— Ryan Garcia

At that point, with more than 200,000 people watching, Garcia couldn’t take back his words. He said what he said.

Davis appeared to get on his phone and put things in motion while his camp went bonkers. The people in the room with the 28-year-old could not believe what Garcia, the underdog, has just agreed to.


When asked to confirm one final time, Garcia doubled down and said that he doesn’t speak twice. The whole purse is up for grabs.

Davis, being as confident as he is in his ability to win Saturday, is not going to back down from the bet. The only question is whether Garcia will stick to his word.

There is a big difference between saying what he said on Instagram and putting a pen to paper.

Either way, Saturday just got a lot more interesting!

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