Gervonta Davis Lets Ryan Garcia Off Hook For Huge Money Bet, Allows Him To Keep Purse Despite Violent Body Shot Knockout

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Gervonta Davis is unofficially the biggest name in boxing after stopping Ryan Garcia in the seventh round of a 12-round super fight on Saturday night. But the loud-talking, hard-hitting 28-year-old is letting his 24-year-old opponent off of the hook.

A few days prior to the most-anticipated fight of the year, Garcia agreed to put his entire purse on the line. Davis and his camp were not only shocked, but completely beside themselves.

The former was set to make $350,000 for the fight, with the latter cashing $1.5 million. They were to split a percentage of the PPV sales.

However, Garcia was willing to pool his portion of the prize money for a winner-take-all, $1.85 million purse. As if the stakes weren’t already high!

Prior to the main event on Saturday, the fireworks were popping off all week. Both boxers were running their mouths and Garcia predicted that he would beat Garcia in the seventh or eighth round.

That’s exactly what he did!

Come fight night, it was Davis who made the biggest splash with his entrance. He, alongside Chief Keef, came out to ‘Love Sosa.’

And then, in the seventh round, Davis caught Garcia with a violent left hook that crumbled his opponent to the mat. Shortly thereafter, it was over.

Here’s another look:

Although Davis and Garcia were going back-and-forth all week, it was nothing but mutual respect afterward. They got together and showed their appreciation.

Gervonta Davis is now 29-0 with 27 knockouts.

He had Floyd Mayweather in his corner and spoke to the role that his former promoter, manager and boxing legend played in the win during the post-fight presser.

He also let Garcia off of the hook. Davis isn’t going to take the additional $350,000, even though the stakes of the bet were made abundantly clear.

Davis’ gesture is surely appreciated by Garcia, but at the end of the day, $350,000 is ultimately negligible to the new face of boxing. It was nice of him to let the bet go, but it’s more of a flex than anything.

Davis doesn’t need that money. He got his payout, and the win, and that’s enough!

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