Yankee Gerrit Cole Offered Mega Money From Adult Site After Crushing Banana

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New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole devoured a banana in the dugout during Saturday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles, and he may have gotten more than just a mid-game pick-me-up.

CamSoda, an adult entertainment webcam platform, was so impressed with the sheer speed and finesse in which Cole took down the snack that they want to pay him a pretty penny to do it full-time.

Yep. Cole, New York’s ace, has an offer from the adult site to be their first official “food expert” specializing in “all genitalia-centric foods.”

Bananas, according to the official offer, are just the start.

CamSoda is willing to pay Cole $69,069 per show to eat a wide variety of a certain type of food, including “hot dogs, ice pops, papayas, kiwis and anything else resembling the private part” of Cole’s choosing.

You can go ahead and connect those dots yourselves.

“We’d love to coordinate multiple shows for you online in which you put down these unique delicacies,” Daryn Parker, the VP of CamSoda, says in the letter. “Who knows? Maybe we bring (Anthony) Rizzo on board and expand our menu to include some Sicilian dishes, too.”

New York Yankees Starting pitcher Gerrit Cole has a new job offer. (Photo by Gavin Napier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Cole, by the way, allowed four runs in six innings against the Orioles, so perhaps expanding the menu wouldn’t hurt.

Regardless, he’s currently making $36 million a year, so he probably doesn’t need the money. But even the richest among us has a side-hustle, so maybe Cole gives it a shot!

At the very least, maybe it’ll at least take his mind off the Yankees’ current skid?


Written by Zach Dean

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