Germany’s ‘Hottest Firefighter’ Winner Refuses To Give Up Her Day Job Of Saving Lives

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German firefighter Anike Ekina says being named the country’s “Hottest Firefighter” won’t change her a bit.

The first responder from the Schwarzenbek Volunteer Fire Department in Schleswig-Holstein now holds an honor that would typically cause Instagram models with 1.6 million Instagram followers to lose a step in the life-saving department.

Not Anike.

“Of course, I will remain loyal to the fire brigade!” Ms. Ekina said about her life that now includes performing on an alto saxophone at parties in Ibiza and in clubs around Europe.

In football terms, she’s a dual-threat running back who can do the dirty work (saving lives) while also sliding out of the backfield to freelance (music career).

“I have already recorded a few songs, and I wanted to get started as a saxophonist, but then coronavirus came along,” Ekina told Jam Press.

Eventually, the saxophone career came together once Germany figured out it would never fully beat the ‘VID and now the 36-year-old Ekina is out on tour and battling raging fires back home.

And somehow she finds time to maintain an OnlyFans page ($14.99/mo.) where she writes, “DREAMS ARE THERE TO LIVE THEM, I LIVE MY DREAM AND HOLD ON TO MY GOALS.”

Ok then!

Let’s face it, this is what life is all about, right? Chasing dreams.

According to some reports, being a firefighter is the most stressful job due to the physical and psychological demand put on the first responders.

But Anike went out and did something about the psychological part of the job by picking up the sax. And now the results are paying off.

The mind is right. The body is right.

Now she’s a title winner. Congrats.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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