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So how are we feeling about this Sweet 16 lineup?

Let me start by saying the game you should have circled starts at 7:15 Sunday night on TBS. UCLA-Alabama is going to be an excellent game, especially if UCLA has a weekend like they just pulled off. UCLA’s Johnny Juzang is the tournament MVP at this point, and the Bruins seem laser-focused. Then you have Alabama turning into a basketball school and destroying Maryland last night to create this must-see game.

I’m also penciling in the Michigan-Florida State dogfight that tips at 5 ET Sunday on CBS. Did you even watch Michigan-LSU and notice how someone was guaranteed to bleed and ache after that game? Those poor LSU guards just kept going into the lane to try their floaters that were dropping early only to run into brick walls in the second half.

The only huge disappointment heading into the Sweet 16 is the Saturday-Tuesday scheduling. Thursday-Friday used to be such beautiful nights to hit the bar to watch games. Now we’re down to one bar night this year. Not good, NCAA. Don’t even think about using this schedule going forward, you fools. That said, something tells me they’re going to collude with Turner/CBS to move the Elite 8 to Monday-Tuesday permanently for the ratings wins on huge TV nights. It’s going to suck, but those TV dollars matter so much more to the networks than guys enjoying life with their friends at the bar like the old days.

It’s also going to affect the Vegas trips you and the boys used to go on. Those Thursday-Sunday benders may never be the same after this COVID garbage. Who in their right mind is going to schedule a Saturday-Tuesday trip? It’s not happening. Imagine the Vegas vibe Monday afternoon when the Elite 8 games get rolling. No thanks.

• Speaking of Vegas, the lead story on the front of the Las Vegas Review-Journal website this morning is on whether Sin City could experience something like what’s been going on in Miami Beach where pandemonium has broken out to the point that the Clevelander has closed food and beverage service because things are a huge mess with people acting like idiots. Remember the days when you could just walk up and down the Strip enjoying the scene and not worrying about a twerk-off breaking out while a rap album video is shot in the middle of the sidewalk while people scream HEY…HEY…HEY….HEY….over and over again as someone throws singles in the air? Those were the days.

• It seems Greg Norman is done with the United States. He has sold his final property in the States and is said to be moving back to Australia. Norman, 66, sold his $60 million Florida house back in February and now the Colorado house is gone. This is definitely the end of an era as time continues to march on and people my parents’ age start selling off properties. It feels like yesterday Norman was collapsing at Augusta. Turns out that was 25 years ago.

• Remember how I told you recently about Apple products going to shit and how I’ve grown disgusted with the issues surrounding the laptops? It looks like people are fighting back, and a judge will allow a class-action lawsuit against the company to move forward.

It’s going to be 71 and sunny here today. I might mess around and find something to do outside later this afternoon. Have a great day and rest up for the Sweet 16.

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