Georgia vs. LSU tailgate wrap up

First drive through God’s chosen fast food joint for a chicken biscuit and sweet tea. Then follow the trucks with waving red flags heading northeast from Atlanta. An hour and a half later, you’ll roll into a town densely packed with bars and restaurants. Red tents dot the landscape, and the weather is ideal. It’s 73 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze- the kind of weather that promises bonfires, changing leaves and a stiff drink. The atmosphere is intoxicating. You’ve reached Athens, college football heaven.   

The residents of Athens wear red; the color of love and passion but also blood. Because even in paradise, this is combat. Underneath the friendly greetings to visiting fans is contention; the Dawgs must win today. A small cheer goes up in the tents when Corso picks LSU. He picked incorrectly for the Clemson game, perhaps he’ll be wrong today too. 

Walking through campus, it’s apparent that the Georgia tailgating uniform consists of a red shirt or dress and the ubiquitous cowboy boots. The scenery is spectacular. 


Kappa Delta shoutout. Love in AOT, ladies. 

LSU brought competition off the field as well. This perfectly captures what I go through for y’all, hunting college girls from car windows. You’re welcome. 

90,000 pairs of cowboy boots walk the sidewalks, play cornhole, and line up for the bathrooms. And when gametime approaches, those cowboy boots march on Sanford Stadium simultaneously. The home team throws up a prayer that goes like this:


The stadium is packed overwhelmingly with Georgia fans, but LSU has a decent showing. The guy next to me high-fives my boyfriend for outkicking his coverage, suggesting he must be able to “lick behind his ears.”

Just representing OKTC and making Clay proud. 

LSU’s Mettenberger, returning to the scene of his fall from grace, puts up a valiant effort. It is a redemption of sorts. But on a day this perfect the game is just exciting enough and the home team wins, taking one giant step closer to the SEC championship game. Thousands of silent thank you’s sail upward. Maybe this is finally the Dawgs’ year. 

Leaving the stadium to celebrate in Athens, I pass an LSU fan who’s ready to go home.

Unfortunately not everyone gets to live in football heaven. Some of us just can’t hang. 


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.