Most Incredible Punt Of The Year Leads To Wild Sequence As Would-Be Georgia Safety Gets Negated By Abysmal Call

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Georgia football should have been awarded two points and the ball during the first quarter of Saturday’s game against Tennessee. Instead, a terrible call changed everything.

The chaotic sequence got started with 5:05 left in the first stanza. Bulldogs punter Brett Thorson set up at his own 10-yard-line and took the snap.

He proceeded to boot the ball away with perfection. The 75-yard punt landed at the Volunteers’ 15-yard-line, rolled past the coverage, and out-of-bounds at the 1-yard-line.

It was the punt of the year without question, but it was also one of the greatest punts of all-time. It may have been the greatest punt of all-time.

As a result of the beautiful, awe-inspiring coffin-corner punt, the Tennessee offense took over with its back against the wall. The Vols ran the ball on first and second down to set up 3rd-and-5 at the 5.

And then things took a crazy turn.

Quarterback Hendon Hooker took the snap out of a shotgun set with his heels planted on the goal line. After dropping back into the end zone, he took a hit that knocked the ball loose and sent it bouncing onto the turf below.

Offensive lineman Javontez Spraggins had the wherewithal to pick up the fumble and try to advance it out of the end zone and avoid a safety. He didn’t.

At least, it sure didn’t look like Spraggins was able to get the ball across the goal line. It should have been a safety.

Instead, the call on the field said that the ball was advanced out of the end zone. And after further review, the call stood. Somehow. It should have been a safety.

As a result of the safety that wasn’t, the Volunteers had to punt from their own end zone. And as Rasheed Wallace would say— BALL DON’T LIE.

On the very next play, Georgia scored.

The Dawgs were rolling early, so fortunately, the safety that was not called a safety was ultimately negligible. Just another normal Saturday in the SEC!

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. That’s not quite what happened…the call was actually much worse. The refs said Spraggins fumbled the ball out of the end zone and into the field of play where another Volunteer recovered it at the half yard line. The call stood even though you could clearly see Spraggins completely laying on the ground with the ball in his possession.

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