Georgia Tech Pitcher Considers Himself ‘Bad Ass Mother F***er’

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If you happen to stumble across a nameless glove near the Georgia Tech dugout, it would be wise to seek the baddest mother f*cker around and return the left-behind leather.

That glove would belong to Tech hurler Zach Maxwell, whose mitt features the acronym “BAMF.” For those of you not well-versed in the meaning behind BAMF, it’s short for – “Bad Ass Mother F*cker.”

And in the case of Maxwell, the glove – and the acronym – fits.

In Sunday’s game against top-ranked Tennessee, Maxwell rang up 11 batters in just six innings.

Maxwell was used by the Yellow Jackets mainly as a reliever this season. The sophomore stands 6’7 and weighs 275 pounds. Prospects Live considers him to be a likely third or fourth round pick should he enter the MLB Draft. Though they concede, “it should surprise nobody if he’s selected earlier than that.”

During Saturday evening’s impressive outing, Maxwell was regularly pitching in the high-90s. His 108th pitch clocked in at 98 mph.

If his numbers didn’t already do so, Maxwell himself confirmed he’s a bad ass mother f*cker,  retweeting a Barstool Sports post pointing out the acronym upon his glove and referring to him as a “legend.”

Zach Maxwell

Without the acronym, Maxwell’s glove could’ve been talked about with the same reverence as the infamous Billy Ripken trading card.

Maybe next year.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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