Georgia Releases Emotional Hype Video Featuring Vince Dooley

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Georgia’s hype video for the national title game is bound to pull at fans’ heartstrings.

The Bulldogs and TCU Horned Frogs will battle it out tonight at SoFi Stadium for the national title, and as expected, Kirby Smart’s team brought a ton of fire and energy with an awesome hype video.

The video is narrated by former Georgia coach Vince Dooley, who passed away back in October 2022. Fire it up below. If you’re a fan of the Bulldogs or just a fan of college football, you’re guaranteed to love it.

Georgia brought a ton of passion and energy with this hype video.

Man, it’s borderline impossible to not love that video. I don’t care if you cheer for the Bulldogs or not. I don’t care if you hate every single team in the SEC.

That’s your right as a college football fan, and hatred and vitriol is what fuels the sport. It’s the energy that keeps fans fired up and excited.

Georgia releases incredible hype video for national title game against TCU. The video features narration from former coach Vince Dooley. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

However, the fact Georgia dropped a hype video featuring Vince Dooley is nothing short of absolutely incredible.

Dooley was a hell of a coach and college football legend. His death at the age of 90 sent shockwaves through the college football world. As a head coach in Athens, he won a national title and six SEC championships.

The man was a star, and his death was a tough one for the Georgia community to stomach. Featuring his narration in a hype video is the perfect way to set the tone for tonight.

Vince Dooley narration appears in Georgia’s national title game hype video. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Shoutout to Georgia for bringing the heat, and make sure to check back to OutKick all day for updates as we have them. Tonight is going to be a hell of a ride.

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