Controversy Unfolds As Georgia HSFB Team Loses State Championship On Egregious TD Call That Was Extremely Short

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Georgia’s 3A GSHA State Championship ended in controversy on Saturday. The officiating crew completely botched a crucial play in the fourth quarter and gifted a touchdown to the team that ultimately came out victorious.

Sandy Creek High School, a 1,273-student school in Tyrone, Ga., faced Cedar Grove High School, a school of about 1,000 from Ellenwood, Ga. for a chance at glory. It came down to the wire.

With one minute left in the game, the latter held a 17-14 lead over the former. However, Sandy Creek had the ball at the Cedar Grove two-yard-line and had two attempts to take the lead with a touchdown or kick a field goal and tie.

On 3rd-and-goal, the Patriots (wearing red) lined up in a bunch formation with three additional blockers in the backfield on the right side. The play call was very clear and it’s exactly what happened.

They snapped the ball, the running back took the carry and followed his teammates to the right. He appeared to be well short.

The Saints defense swarmed on the ball-carrier and seemingly kept him from reaching the end zone. It was pretty definitive that Sandy Creek did not score and it should have set up 4th-and-goal.

The officiating crew completely botched the call and Sandy Creek was on the wrong end.

Except, somehow, some way, the officiating crew ruled that the ball crossed the line. They ruled a touchdown on the field.

There was no extension of the football. There was no reach across the goal line and an alternate angle makes that very clear.

It was not a touchdown, except for the fact that it was ruled one on the field and there is no replay in Georgia high school football.

Sandy Creek took a 20-17 lead (21 after the PAT) with just over 50 seconds left that it never gave back.

Cedar Grove could not answer and the Patriots were Georgia state champions.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. wow…as an official, I’m embarrassed for my brothers in officiating. I’m also disappointed that there wasn’t (I’m guessing) some discussion with other officials on the field. SOME one had to see and notice the ball did not get to the line. Unfortunate ending for BOTH of these teams as even the “winner” will be haunted by this.

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