George Washington University To Drop ‘Colonials’ To Appease The Wokes — Here Are The Four Nickname Finalists

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The wokes have won again.

George Washington University is closing in on a new school nickname after years of pressure from the wokes, who say the school’s “Colonials” nickname is triggering because of cultural sensitivity concerns toward Native Americans.

The school will start using a new nickname at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year which starts in the fall. The nickname will come from one of the four finalists: “Ambassadors,” “Blue Fog,” “Revolutionaries,” and “Sentinels.”

In shocking news, the school will keep its George Washington head mascot. The wokes can keep that fight in their back pocket until after the dust has settled with the new nickname. Then they can start fighting again.

George Washington University has narrowed its list of new nicknames to four with many people thinking the school will select “Blue Fog” to replace “Colonials.” / Getty Images

The fight over the GW Colonials nickname started in 2019 when the woke student body voted out the nickname. A name change petition was passed to the school’s president and the wokes determined action needed to be taken.

“Colonials were active purveyors of colonialism and were complicit in militarized and racialized violence, oppression and hierarchy,” the petition read. “Colonialism has been historically and contemporaneously built upon usurping land, labor and autonomy from racialized communities through dehumanizing violence and suppression.”

That makes the “Revolutionaries” an interesting choice as a Final Four nickname choice, right?

In February,, did a deep dive into the nickname madness at George Washington and a source told the site that a marketing firm was hired to help identify new nickname choices. A focus group was allegedly formed and “participants were instructed to rate the different potential monikers from 0-10 on how well they fit three ‘personality traits:’ tenacity, electricity, and openness,” A-10Talk wrote.

Fog and Revolutionaries were the favorites.

George Washington University students voted for a nickname name change because “Colonials” made them think of U.S. history and Native Americans. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Now, do you think the school is going to allow Revolutionaires to be the new nickname?

That’s highly unlikely to happen, which means Blue Fog is the odds-on-favorite to win out.

That’s right, a weather nickname.

Where’d it come from?

A-10 Talk credits a GW student, Olivia Curran, who says she came up with it during parents’ weekend at the bar. “We were talking about the new moniker, brainstorming ideas, just laughing and having fun,” Curran told the site. “And I was like, ‘what about the Fog?’”

Now it’s a finalist. “Sentinels” isn’t being selected along with “Revolutionaries” and “Ambassadors” is dumb.

George Washington University Blue Fog. Mark it down.

Enjoy it, wokes.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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