6-Foot-8, 220-Pound College Hooper Hilariously Jumps Out Of His Skin As Dog Randomly Runs Onto Court Mid-Game

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Who brings a dog to a college basketball game?! That was the question after Saturday’s matchup between George Washington and American was halted for an uninvited yet adorable visitor.

It was answered later in the afternoon!

Two minutes into the first half, the Eagles had the ball in the offensive half and bricked a three-pointer off the rim. The ball went out of bounds, which gave possession back to the Colonials.

As forward Ricky Lindo Jr. went to retrieve the ball near his team’s bench, a border collie took off across the hardwood. At 6-foot-8, 220 pounds, he had no reason to be frightened by the furry intruder.

However, because Lindo Jr. did not see the dog coming, he jumped out of his skin and got the heck out of Dodge when he noticed the collie running in his direction. Even as the dog took a sharp right turn away from the George Washington side, the senior starter remained extremely cautious.

His reaction to the canine streaker was hilarious.

Eventually, the dog ran back beyond the baseline and play continued after a few laughs were shared by everyone in the stands and on the court. The collie wasn’t going to hurt anyone, even if Lindo Jr. may have thought otherwise!

Pets aren’t allowed at the Charles E. Smith Center, so it was rather unusual to have one run onto the court. Where’d it come from?!

Well, following the first half, the dog returned and that question was answered. Her name is Lucky and she was the halftime performer!

Lucky was a little bit too eager to show off her frisbee-catching skills, which led to an early appearance. Can you blame her? She just wanted to say hi, even if Lindo Jr. didn’t appreciate her impromptu performance.

Written by Grayson Weir

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