George Springer Appears To Be Down To Two Teams

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It’s been a remarkably slow MLB free agency market, but according to reports, star outfielder George Springer’s big decision is down to two teams. Rumors have surfaced that the New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays are in a two horse race for his services.

Most sources say the Springer camp’s asking price is hovering around $150 million. Given his postseason performances these past few years, he’d be worth it.


George Springer fits perfectly with the New York Mets, and having a new owner that wants to spend more than a stepmom, helps. Mets owner Steve Cohen has only one obstacle to consider if he wants to invest anywhere near that type of money: health.

Springer has missed a chunk of games in each of the last four seasons, which may not be a problem for most teams, but it should be for the Mets. New York last invested in former second baseman Jed Lowrie, who didn’t touch the field due to knee issues. The last thing an aggressive Steve Cohen wants to do is spend his money on an asset who can’t be trusted to take the field every day.

Blue Jays

Toronto not only makes sense, but they’re young enough to take a major risk, even on a player with injury concerns. Most of Toronto’s young talent resides in the infield, so finding talent in the outfield could be a game changer. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Tampa Bay Rays just went full Money Ball and sold their talent for prospects.

There’s also a huge opening in the American League East that the Blue Jays might try and exploit with a George Springer mega-deal.

The Blue Jays are on the hook to spend only $63.4 million in 2021, so let’s check out where that stands if they took on the 3-time All-Star. Assuming the rumors of his $150 million asking price are accurate, we can guess that will stretch to five or six years. That means his annual salary is tip-toeing that $30 million cost annually, which is half of what the Blue Jays were spending last year.

That’s a big deal.

Expect this to drag on

More reports have suggested that the Springer sweepstakes are expected to drag into January. For Springer, that just means he’s got options. Having Steve Cohen’s mouth watering drives his price up, and plenty fans will be uncomfortable when that final deal is reported.

Now that we know it’s down to two teams, the always irritating “mystery team” report is well on its way. It’s all a game of chicken now.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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