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Leaked Video Exposes George Floyd’s Death As Tragedy And Race Hoax Used To Divide Us

Will anyone locked inside the NBA’s groupthink bubble react to the leaked bodycam footage of George Floyd’s arrest and tragic death?

The Daily Mail, a London-based newspaper, published the bodycam videos of two of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged with crimes in Floyd’s death.

The videos show police verbally and physically struggling to get Floyd to comply. Floyd appears panicked, disoriented, desperate and totally non-compliant. He complains that he can’t breathe while standing on two feet. He claims his mother just died and that he can’t sit in the back of the police car because he’s claustrophobic. He repeatedly begs the officers not to shoot him. He worms the upper part of his body out of the police car and asks to lay on the ground. 

Early on during the encounter, long before the police restrain Floyd on his stomach, a female bystander shouts at Floyd to quit “resisting” and a male bystander pleads with Floyd that he can’t “win.”

At the beginning of the video, when Floyd is behind the wheel of the car he was driving, an officer draws and points his gun when Floyd initially refuses to show both of his hands. When Floyd complies, the officer holsters his weapon. 

The behavior of the police officers seems appropriate and restrained given Floyd’s level of resistance and bizarre conduct. The footage reasonably explains how and why Floyd wound up on the ground with multiple officers restraining him. 

The video does not justify officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. But it does offer context why Chauvin would be reluctant to believe Floyd’s “I can’t breathe” cries. Nearly every word out of Floyd’s mouth was a desperate lie.

Here are the takeaways from the footage: 

  • Floyd’s behavior escalated a routine arrest into a possible abuse of force.
  • The George Floyd case is not a race crime. No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.
  • It’s going to be virtually impossible to convict former officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao of any crime. 
  • It will be equally difficult to convict Chauvin of murder.

Professional athletes elected themselves the National Internal Affairs Department for American police. The NBA’s Orlando bubble is the headquarters for the NIAD. 

Will anyone ask NIAD spokesmen LeBron James, Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich and Adam Silver for their thoughts on the leaked Floyd footage? Will one of the media information ministers locked inside the bubble be allowed to query James, Kerr, Pop or Silver on this topic? Will one of the woke warriors on Dan Le Batard’s radio show run a poll asking whether the leaked video footage is funny?

The NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball chose to drape themselves in Black Lives Matter symbols and view all negative encounters between black people and white people as examples of white supremacy. 

Life is far more complicated than the race-baiting that gets retweeted and liked over Twitter. What happened to George Floyd is more complicated than the substance-less assertion that Derek Chauvin acted out of racial animus. Chauvin abused his power. His defense lawyers will argue he was baited into abusing his power by Floyd. 

It’s the same excuse pro sports’ Three Stooges — Adam Silver, Roger Goodell and Rob Manfred — will make years from now when the mainstream media finally objectively evaluates this era of sports. 

Moe (Silver), Larry (Goodell) and Curly (Manfred) have been played and used by anarchists and communists who are using opportunists to promote an American race war.

Their fear-driven leadership has turned America’s great unifier — sports — into a racial divider.

At some point, NFL and NBA ownership must realize they need leadership that is unafraid of their athlete employees. Kowtowing to LeBron’s social media following is a deadly mistake. 

This is no longer a debate about declining TV ratings for pro sports leagues. That’s inconsequential. This is about the preservation of American freedom and ideals. The subversion of sports culture is directly tied to the subversion of American culture. Sports culture proved the strength of our melting pot, the power of a diverse meritocracy. Live sporting events shaped popular culture. 

We don’t have a suitable replacement. Academia? Go look at the results produced by the white liberals in control of our academic institutions. You want to see white supremacy? Visit Yale, Harvard or any of their Ivy League brothers. Hollywood? Please. Every narrative arc for black characters is now fixated on police interaction and/or racism. The music industry? If you’re not covered in tattoos and willing to portray yourself as a ho, pimp, drug dealer and gangbanger, the music industry is highly reluctant to support you.  

The above groups are now the main allies of professional athletes. The above groups are united in their belief that systemic racism killed George Floyd and that Floyd had no responsibility to protect his own life.

The actions of the above groups, along with the mainstream media, guarantee that the second wave of George Floyd riots are going to be more deadly and destructive than the first wave. 

The second wave will come when Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin are acquitted of all serious charges. 

When those riots happen, the Three Stooges, LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and all the other entitled millionaires will be locked in their gated bubbles watching poor people’s lives destroyed on CNN.

No one will ever question them about the roles they played in stirring the racial outrage.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Keep up the good work Jason. It’s always the poor and less privileged that suffer the most from a divided country. What Twitter seems to get outraged over are not even applicable in real life situations. The vast majority of people aren’t just walking around trying to play the victim card.

  2. Just another carefully thought out logically presented position based on facts and reason instead of feelings and herd hero worship. You have got to stop this!

    I am, though, a little confused about generally accepted assertion that Chauvin was “kneeling on Floyd’s neck.” Admittedly, we all see on the video what looks like exactly that and 99.9% of us said “that is criminal!” But now some writers are saying that he was not on the neck and was, actually, employing a legitimate control maneuver. I certainly do not personally know that to be a fact, but if it is true, then the rhetoric regarding Officer Chauvin needs to be toned down a bit by all.

    Take it as a measure of respect for you and Outkick! that I trust your determination of the facts far more than almost any other source in today’s world.

    Thanks for a great site!

  3. I am not an expert in claustrophobia so can someone answer my question. Is it possible to not be claustrophobic behind the wheel of a car (where Mr. Floyd was first) but be claustrophobic in the back of a police car?

  4. Hey Jason,
    More evidence that you are the premier sports journalist in the USA. And as you and Clay cooked “the daily beast’s” hack hit piece butt a week ago, you also made a good case why you are (arguably, as you said) the best journalist of any type in the country…competent, thorough, and enlightening!!!

    To have to watch and listen to Moe, Larry, and Curley – and THEIR roundball stooges, Kerr and Pop – and the self-anointed King, well you and Clay have to do it, Jason, but how they have debased and degraded our once-great national pastimes must be brutal to observe.

  5. No Jason they won’t react in the bubble. This was the “go” moment for George Soros and his well financed Marxists. Facts don’t matter. The left still believes Michael Brown had his hands up (remember Rams player intros) despite Obama DOJ exonerating Darren Wilson. I still can’t fathom the lack of critical thinking of athletes and entertainers. How sad to be a “groupthink” puppet. LeBron be more than athlete, THINK! You can dislike Trump(brash, arrogant, showboat,womanizer,whatever) but where did racist come from? Certainly not from his business and entertainment days or his very pro black policies and minority economic performance. George Floyd should not have died but footage showed the tough and thankless job law enforcement is.

    • ‘Racist’ came as soon as he announced he was running for President as a Republican. It’s that simple. The reason it seems like the slander is worse than for other Republicans, is because he doesn’t do anything to appease the racial demagogues like they normally do. And the left still has NO IDEA how to handle that.

      • Precisely, Trump shoots it straight rather than fostering the narrative of the racial demagogues and constantly walking on egg shells. This is his only “racist” crime. He’s an average 70 something white man from New York, rather than a polished ass kisser that tells every person what they want hear.

  6. Come on, Jason. You know very well that the people you mentioned are going to see a completely different video than all of us. They are going to say that George Floyd “Never had a chance” and was “Terrified”, blah blah blah. They always spin this stuff.

  7. I don’t think its possible to say any better. For whatever faults the officer may have, he certainly did not try to kill Floyd because he’s black. Complete b.s. and we’ve paid a price enabling all of these lunatics rioting and carrying on in general.

  8. Jason nails so many points it’s hard to keep up. The below paragraphs are his best work, since his last Best work:

    “ This is no longer a debate about declining TV ratings for pro sports leagues. That’s inconsequential. This is about the preservation of American freedom and ideals. The subversion of sports culture is directly tied to the subversion of American culture. Sports culture proved the strength of our melting pot, the power of a diverse meritocracy. Live sporting events shaped popular culture.

    We don’t have a suitable replacement. Academia? Go look at the results produced by the white liberals in control of our academic institutions. You want to see white supremacy? Visit Yale, Harvard or any of their Ivy League brothers. Hollywood? Please. Every narrative arc for black characters is now fixated on police interaction and/or racism. The music industry? If you’re not covered in tattoos and willing to portray yourself as a ho, pimp, drug dealer and gangbanger, the music industry is highly reluctant to support you… .” -Jason Whitlock

  9. Jason, I agree 100% that race was not a factor in the George Floyd case. I also love your line: “You want to see white supremacy? Visit Yale……”….I personally believe some of these elites want a race war. Media elites make money off of hate (Hello multi-millionaire Rachel Maddow)……If only these athletes realize they don’t need the racist liberals. In coming years these athletes will have the opportunity to go into communities, buy sports franchises (like Patrick Mahomes), and themselves create the change they want (assuming they actually want to change things for good, a big “IF” when there are people like Malcom Jenkins). They don’t need the media and they don’t need Moe, Larry, and Curly (Silver, Goodell, like you said). If only more had the courage of Jonathan Isaac and didn’t subjugate themselves to Lebron. As M.L.K. said, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” ………………M.L.K. and John Lewis created opportunities for minorities. I hope today’s athletes honor memories of past heroes by bending the moral arc ever more towards justice (by helping schools, helping communities, refusing to bow down to Marxist BLM and purple-haired white kids). Hopefully some of them care more about their children’s future than they do about Lebron’s brand building. Just because liberal elites want a race war, we Americans don’t have to give them one. (With all the lies and manipulations on twitter, it is getting scary)

    • Jason, also, thank you again for continuing to give us proper perspective and truth. I am not just speaking of the truth in this column, but in all of your columns. For example, the column mentioning Tony Timpa and Daniel Shaver (anyone can easily search for these names). The rest of the media never tells us about the white people killed by cops. The media really does want us to believe that the .00001 of police interactions which are criminally negligent are entirely race related.

  10. Jason thanks for another spot on article I paid my membership last week when i found out this is where you are,wanted to pay for your articles.Have never paid a website but this was a c note well spent.

  11. Jason, there is always so much to think about in your columns. After reading this one, I am left thinking about the next to last line: “When those riots happen, the Three Stooges, LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and all the other entitled millionaires will be locked in their gated bubbles watching poor people’s lives destroyed on CNN.”…………It is sad how easily manipulated we are. We believe the multi millionaire Kaepernick is “oppressed” and we working class citizens riot because of it……We swallow the lies of media and twitter (who post edited/misleading videos and data) and we working class citizens hate each other because of it.

  12. This is a prime example of how the media can do damage to our justice system by releasing information about a case in investigation that’s incomplete. If this video was shown first to give context, and not the version with the knee on Floyd’s neck, we may have a different response right now. It makes you wonder if the media gatekeepers also had access to this video and simply chose not to air it, because it did not fit the agenda and unrest they wanted to push leading up to the election.

    • Great point. The media has no shame. All the media cares about is ratings, and there is no level too low for them to stoop. ……….On a related note, an MSNBC producer named Ariana Pekary recently resigned. She claimed a TV veteran once said: “We are a cancer for which there is no cure”……I completely agree that MSNBC and other media are cancers, but it surprises me to hear them admit it. It would be nice if more of them admitted to the truth

  13. I think we’re headed towards a catch 22 situation; Manslaughter seems to be the appropriate charge based on all the circumstantial evidence, but if Chauvin is convicted on that charge it won’t be enough for the mob and they will riot. However, if they overcharge (think they have 2nd degree murder on him now) it’s going to be very difficult to convince a jury there was premeditation in his actions. If he is tired on 2nd degree murder he’ll likely be acquitted and there will be riots.

  14. I could not agree with you more about this situation. George Floyd had a responsibility to protect himself and he did not do that. As a result, we have these woke individuals who used this as an opportunity to destroy the country based on a lie that this was racially motivated. How did we get there?

  15. So Mahatma Ghandi aka George Floyd was zooted out of his mind on drugs and resisted arrest. That’s not news to me, or anyone else with common sense. Speaking of Catch 22’s, the BLM movement encourages people of color to resist arrest, ranging from making a general nuisance of themselves to threatening/assaulting the officers. And then we are shocked (shocked I tell you!) to see the police using force they would otherwise never use to make the legal arrest. It’s all part of the manuscript for trashing America as we know it. Thank you George Soros.

  16. As a police officer I first want to say that when he was handcuffed and not resisting, he should have been rolled on his side when he said he couldn’t breath. Now that the whole video has been released I find it highly suspicious that it wasn’t released from the beginning. With that being said BLM would have still been marching, but it would have gave some with common sense to rethink jumping on the bandwagon of racial divide. The prosecution will never get a conviction in this case, now that he has elevated the charges in this case.

  17. Damn! Whitlock on fire.

    Question. Does anyone think though that the officers will be “scarificed” and convicted to prevent further outrage?… I am thinking along the lines of OJ Simpson potentially…

    • Let me clarify… I do believe that it was abuse of power and no excuse… there should be punishment … I am only saying that I wonder if the officers will be charged with highest degree even with all the evidence

      • Hey Matt…completely agree about abuse of power…but they can only be charged as already charged per the DA. It wasn’t “willful murder”…so will jury follow the rule of law or will they convict to prevent more riots? And then there’s the appeal…

  18. Jason, you just took all the words out of my mouth, everything I was thinking this morning as I watched it and tried to be as objective as I could.
    I know for a fact that those bodycams would come out, all of them, and there are also cameras on each one of the police cars. It’s the audio that is the smoking gun. It’s time for Leaders, Real Leaders, to start explaining all of this in terms that everyone understands.
    Unfortunately, I will not be surprised to learn from the experts that he died of a heart attack from the drugs in his system, and adding to that, the effects of COVID-19, which they are now saying contributes to everyone’s death, so why can’t it contribute to his?
    Thanks again, and thanks, Clay, for getting the Big Guy over here.

  19. According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s autopsy report, George Floyd died of “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression”. The toxicology report shows that Mr. Floyd had fentanyl, morphine, methamphetamine and THC/cannabinoids in his system. Mr. Floyd also was COVID 19 positive.

    The substances in Mr. Floyd’s body likely account for much of his behavior as shown on the video. The effects of fentanyl include difficulty breathing and the body cam video makes it clear that Mr. Floyd made statements that he could not breathe before any pressure was applied to his neck by Officer Chauvin. This will add to the challenges that the prosecutors already face in their efforts to obtain convictions of the officers.

    Mr. Floyd’s tragic death is being exploited by certain groups to divide and conquer American society. The fingerprints of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are all around the scene of the homocide. China is the largest source of the street fentanyl that has killed over 100,000 Americans, and appears to have played role in Mr. Floyd’s death. The CCP spread the Corona Virus to an unsuspecting world and lied about it, infected over 4 million Americans and killing over 155,000 US residents. With two plus months of COVID lockdowns that created a tinderbox within American society, Mr. Floyd’s tragic death has sparked widespread civil unrest that has resulted in more death and destruction. The 2020 success of the CCP’s efforts to undermine American society has no doubt exceeded even their wildest expectations.

  20. Those with eyes and ears see what’s happening in America today:

    Unless you’re a looney coincidence theorist, how can you not conclude that this man made Covid BS and the professionally organized ANTIFA/BLM reaction to Minneapolis are targeting not just our President, but real Americans too!

    I am forced to ask: WHY DO THEY HATE TRUMP SO MUCH? There appears to be no low too low to which they’ll go to take this man and his support down. What are they afraid of?! What does he have on them, that makes them so desperate to destroy him at any cost?!

    I’ve never seen a man more relentlessly attacked – 24/7/365. And somehow he manages to function admirably, still able to see things for what they really are. I can’t imagine trying to function amidst all the relentless hate/lies/dirty tricks from every angle. One day of that would wear me out, and he wakes up to and deals with it EVERY DAY. I can only respect, admire and defend such a strong willed man.

    Thank you, Jason, Clay and the entire Outkick Team – for stepping up the way you do EVERY DAY.


    Really looking forward to the Trump interview!! GO, OUTKICK!!!!

    • Tucker Carlson nails the TDS very well in his book Ship of Fools, Trump essentially declared war on the Washington lifers when he honestly stated that the war on Iraq was a mistake during a debate in 2015. Evidently all the Washington lifers freaked out and said “Oh hell no you don’t!” No one questions the nobility of the USA and our ability to make war whenever AND Whenever we feel like it. Meanwhile Trump is drawing down in AFG and Syria, and those same insiders are losing their minds over it. Needless to say those insiders are not sending their own kids to fight the Taliban or police a cess pool nation like Syria.

  21. Not lost on all of this is that Larry Ellison, the AG in Minnesota, and noted Jew-hater, purposely sat on this video for months. Had it been presented earlier it could/would have helped tamp down the “all cops are killers” outrage. He knew the truth and sat on it and watched cities burn. This incident was not racially motivated. Floyd was not a saint. Oh, and those cops were likely overcharged. Riot 2.0 is on the horizon, indeed.

    • David…absolutely great point to add to the mix of why this rioting happened. Ellison video aired last night where he admitted he was holding back the new video footage because he wanted to get a good prosecution and a conviction!!! Straight out said it with no equivocation. Tells ya what happens when a radical leftist gets into the DA’s office.

  22. Well. I’ll be damned….

    Maybe ol’ crazy Charlie Manson was right after all…
    His Helter-Skelter, drug-induced lunacy regarding a “race war” set up by anarchists has come to pass…


  23. This is why Rush calls it the drive by media! They
    create a narrative, it’s proven false and they move on to the next hoax. This time they encouraged billions of dollars in damage, multiple deaths and are doing their everything they can to ruin sports.

  24. The bodycam video shows officers calmly approaching Mr Floyd, who escalates the encounter with non-compliance that turns to physical resistance. He’s so busy arguing his innocence he doesn’t hear half of what the officers are telling him. An arrest is not a negotiation. The officers could have sat him down on the curb, but I’d expect him to keep trying to get up, get free of them, get away. The officers have to control the situation to get an idea of what’s going on. They don’t know Mr Floyd, they don’t know his friends, they’re trained not to just take people’s word that they didn’t do anything, don’t have a weapon, etc. Mr Floyd’s not having any of it. We’ve spent months burning down America over this? Our all-racism all-the-time countrymen would have cops let anyone go who says he “didn’t do nothing?” Thank you, Mr Whitlock, for exposing our society’s utter foolishness.

    • Exactly, the Officers started the encounter doing exactly what they are legally bound to do, apprehend a suspect. Had Mr. Floyd not been falsely emboldened by the BLM movement to resist arrest and treat the police as though compliance is optional, he would be alive.

  25. This sums it all up.

    “Moe (Silver), Larry (Goodell) and Curly (Manfred) have been played and used by anarchists and communists who are using opportunists to promote an American race war.”

    I will present this to my younger family members and friends who have fallen for this madness, so it’s not just another ‘conspiracy theory’ from pop, thank you Jason.

  26. yes, Yes, YESSSSS! So well said and so sad and frightening. I’ve been saying the same thing about the upcoming bloodbath and destruction when they are all acquitted of serious charges. The left is destroying the everything down to individual relationships between friends and family. I wish I had more hope for our country and our future generations.

  27. What the body cam video and the Medical Examiner’s toxicology report make clear is that Mr. Floyd was so severely under the influence of fentanyl, pot and meth that he represented an imminent danger to himself and many others if he were to allowed operate a vehicle. This tragic event has been portrayed in the media as a story of a guy who was killed by a racist cop for passing a phony $20 bill. Had George Floyd been allowed to drive in his condition, the Minneapolis PD and the City of Minneapolis would have been sued up the wazzu for wrongful death after he crashed and killed himself and other people. I don’t see that the police had any option other than to arrest him. Maybe the only other alternative would have been to get him an ambulance since he was probably in the process of OD’ing, but people can decline medical treatment.

  28. Someone should question them. Who has the platform to call them out and get them to admit their failure in bringing in people together? Until people call out the NBA, NFL, and anyone else who played a part in the racial animosity (and future animosity when those three officers get acquitted, Chauvin, I am not so sure about).

    A very nice and thoughtful piece, as usual, Jason.

  29. another great story. The first time I was aware of you was a telephone interview you did with your high school teammate Jeff George. Great interview and the only positive story I ever saw on George. The msm sports media trashed him all the time.

  30. “Their fear-driven leadership has turned America’s great unifier — sports — into a racial divider.”

    Genius line.

    But I’ll go a step further; their “leadership” has caused pro sports viewers who used to live for the games to lose any and all desire to watch.

    Until something serious is done to right the ship, I will never watch another NFL, NBA or MLB game. When Kaepernick began his kneeling it bothered me to miss games on Sunday. Now I don’t even care anymore.

  31. The Minnesota AG who suppressed the release of the body cam footage explained it as “I believe in total transparency”. Which almost always translates to “I’m lying my ass off right now.” He claims it was to help prosecute the case, which is a total line of Bull.

  32. Another great analysis, Jason. I’m also glad that you read the comments section. I joined outkick after you signed on. Pretty cool that you have that kind of sway, huh?

    Do I agree with Chauvin for that long? No. However, it is a tough situation when a suspect doesn’t comply with simple requests time after time after time.

    To parents of young children, do you ever get upset IN YOUR OWN HOME when your kids won’t listen to you after a few repeated requests? I thought so.

    To all of those criticizing, what should have been done in a situation like this? We are all able to see it now with calm reflection already knowing the outcome. But what if Mr. Floyd had a gun? This has to be at the forefront of any police officer in this situation.

    It would take a lot of concentrated training, which maybe should be required, to keep one’s anxiety and adrenaline levels down. This is kind of what professional fighters have to do to keep from burning off all of their energy.

    The job of an American police officer is particularly challenging because literally anyone could have a gun on their lap or next to their seat. That is just part of the society that we have and it is OK but we have to make special accommodations to deal with those consequences.

    I might be going against the grain on this site somewhat but Mr. Chauvin should be charged with some type of crime. I don’t know if it is involuntary manslaughter or something like that but we can’t have that type of police officer. But we also can’t even consider the ridiculous notion of “defunding the police.” I feel a bit stuck in the middle with my thougts.

  33. I’ve watched the video multiple times too and honestly, the officers were acting very respectfully until George simply gave every excuse in the book not to be arrested, what were they to do, not listen to him, let him go? I just think if our media were more responsible to report on the facts first and collect real evidence and tell the whole story our world and country would be a much better place. Keep up the great work Jason!

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