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Guys, I know a pandemic is going on but Vegas is still Vegas

You have to be careful with the Vegas prostitutes even during a pandemic. You can’t leave $90k laying around or they’ll walk off with it, according to the local authorities.

“A man named Ronald Moore was passing through Las Vegas on his way to Arizona to buy a house when he contacted the woman through

He picked 22-year-old Talisha Ferguson, who has been arrested several times for prostitution, near the El Cortez hotel-casino in downtown Las Vegas and took her to his hotel room at Westgate hotel-casino on Paradise Road.”

I think you know where this one is headed. Yes, the customer showed her the money and that’s when Talisha had a thought go through her head. I’ll give her credit for not fully ripping off the customer. At least she had sex with him before running off with his money. Like the Seahawks player trying to sneak a woman into the team hotel via disguise, you guys have to be smarter. Let’s not risk so much money for sex. Get your mentals straight.

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  1. This idiot literally showed the hooker the $90K that he was going to use to purchase his house. Was he trying to impress her? This guy is such a simp. This is like showing a dog a piece of meat and then telling the dog not to eat the meat, and then leaving the room for an hour. That piece of meat is gonna be gone. Good luck getting that money back from her. What a pathetic loser.

    In better news, it was heartwarming to see Clay’s post. I bet Clay was more emotional than his kindergartner.

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