Video: Geoff Collins Hits Pat Narduzzi With No-Look Handshake Following GT Loss

Georgia Tech suffered another loss on Thursday night. That puts the team’s record at 3-7 in 2020 and 6-15 overall under second-year head coach Geoff Collins.

The latest loss came at the hands of Pitt, who beat the Yellow Jackets 34-20.

That final score wasn’t the most interesting part of the evening, however. When approaching Panthers coach Pat Narduzzi at the end of the game, Collins gave him a controversial, no-look handshake before quickly walking off.

And let’s just say Narduzzi wasn’t exactly happy about it.

As Bob Pompeani pointed out in the tweet, it is hard to know exactly what caused the initial frustration from Collins. There was a no-call pass interference in the end zone late in the game, but Georgia Tech was down two scores and the ball was clearly uncatchable.

He was visibly frustrated following the no-call, however.

At least one beat writer for the Yellow Jackets was quick to point out that the officials struggled throughout the game, so maybe it was their overall poor performance — at least in the eyes of Collins.

Either way, it will be interesting to see these two coaches meet up in 2021. Is there a rivalry brewing here between Georgia Tech and Pitt? Maybe.

This is one way to practice social distancing, though — sort of.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Maybe Narduzzi had been sending DMs to Collins’ wife on The Gram during the week, like Jalen Ramsey? This looks like some behind the scenes bad blood over something personal. I wouldn’t think bad refs would make you want to go at the opposing coach. You’d go after the refs right?

  2. The pressure’s getting to Collins. He was gonna be the new hotness bringing hashtags and brand recognition to the other Georgia P5 school. And he was gonna do it all while wearing capris and skinny jeans. It was gonna be glorious. That ol’ Wreck was getting an upgrade, baby!

    Aw, but we’re a couple years into and, man, the fanbase won’t stop talking about the good ol’ days of 6-8 wins and a bowl under the old coach. The hashtags aren’t trending and the brand is looking more like New Coke. Even skinny jeans buddy Steven Godfrey stopped tweeting about ya.

    It’s a hard knock life for Collins right now, but it’s alright. He’ll back to coaching defense only in a year or so and making good money doing it and there’s not a thing wrong with that.

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