Genie Bouchard Continues Annual Green St. Paddy’s Day Green Bikini Tradition

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For most of us, St. Patrick’s day is about tipping back a few green beers and getting accosted for not wearing a green shirt. For Genie Bouchard, it’s all about green bikinis.

St. Patrick’s Day is for everyone to tip their caps to the great people of Ireland. As for this Canadian tennis star and Instagram bringer of heat, she had her o inimitable way.

This year, she wedged herself into a tree for an annual green bikini pic in honor of her fav holiday.

And what an annual green bikini pic in honor of her fav holiday it was.

I did some digging — because I am a professional journalist and owe it to the profession and you dear readers — to confirm that this is, in fact, an annual tradition.

As it turns out, Miss Bouchard was telling the truth.

That was in 2022. I couldn’t verify that this annual tradition existed beyond that. However, keeping it alive for two years straight does an annual tradition make. So, mark your calendars to see if Bouchard unleashes the third installment of the series on March 17, 2024.

That’s just 52 weeks away, folks.

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