Geneva College Students Caught Handing Out Cards Permitting Use Of The N-Word

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Rather than dwelling on the consequences or ethical qualm of using racial slurs, a group of college students took it upon themselves to start handing out cards that “permitted” use of the N-word, according to a WPXI-TV report.

Geneva College out in Beaver Falls, PA was at the center of controversy after social media posts exposed the racially sensitive signage.

Students at the college grew frustrated as the college waited days to issue a response — until the school released a firm response against the controversy, reiterating its mission statement and principles as a Jesuit establishment:

It has come to our attention that racist statements have recently been posted on social media by a Geneva student (or some Geneva students). Such racist posts are sins against God, His word, and the people toward whom they are directed. These posts violate Geneva’s mission, our community, and our school policies. We take such violations seriously and deal with them according to our code of conduct.

God clearly establishes that every person is created in the image of God, including people of every color, ethnicity, and nationality. Therefore, we are working in our community to honor one another, including all our African American brothers and sisters and students of color. We live in a society torn by racial tensions, and Geneva is not exempt. But our mission commitments compel us as a community to engage actively in reconciliation in the face of painful racial tensions. The gospel of Jesus Christ calls together a redeemed people from all peoples and every nation.

Geneva has a long-standing and historical commitment to racial equality in education. The Charter of Geneva College welcomes students of every race and faith. Black men and women were first admitted as students in 1865. Today, we continue to stand with our African American students and affirm what our founders declared in opposition to the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850, that racism is ‘inhuman, oppressive, and God-dishonoring.’

Per our policy and federal educational privacy laws, we cannot discuss the specifics of student disciplinary actions publicly.

The act is under investigation by the university; ready to assign disciplinary actions to the culprits.

Students at Geneva College are under fire after a social media post showed them handing out passes giving others the right to use the “N-word.”

Posted by WPXI-TV Pittsburgh on Thursday, September 23, 2021

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