Gavin Newsom Donates $100,000 to Ron DeSantis Challenger

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California Governor Gavin Newsom can’t stop involving himself in out of state politics.

Newsom, whose demonstrable incompetence has led to a dramatic exodus of people and money out of California into states like Florida and Texas, is apparently so unconcerned with his own problems that he’s committed to interfering in other states.

This time, it’s taken the form of a $100,000 donation to Charlie Crist, who is currently running for governor of Florida as Democrat.

Crist might be the most likely challenger for current Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, but what’s most entertaining about him is that he did so poorly in the state primary that he received fewer votes than someone running for agriculture commissioner.

When asked about his reasoning for making the donation, Newsom made some unbelievably cringeworthy remarks that naturally ignore his own failings:

“Because I like Charlie Crist and I don’t like bullies. We want to ask what my way is in life. And I don’t like bullies. I don’t like people that demean people. I Don’t like people that talk down to people. I didn’t like what DeSantis said about Fauci the other day.”

Fauci has talked down to people for most of the past few years, dismissively hand waving off concerns over freedom by saying that “enough is enough” and unvaccinated people should submit to mandates.

Newsom also apparently has no interest in the incredible damage that’s been done to children and to mental health over the past few years thanks to Fauci’s policies, choosing instead to disparage DeSantis for being angry with Fauci’s devastating incompetence.

It gets worse.

He continued:

“I mean, literally, I remember growing up and folks would have their mouths washed out with soap if they talk like this. I got four kids. I don’t want these guys with bottles attacking LGBT community, attacking women. I mean, this guy is so extreme. Rape and incest. Ron DeSantis talks about freedom when a young girl’s raped by her father. Doesn’t have the right to her own body to make her own decisions. Spare me free. It’s no freedom. There’s no choice.”

Newsom in summer 2021, long after it was abundantly clear that vaccinated people could easily get and spread COVID, proudly imposed “first in the nation” requirements for healthcare workers and state employees to be vaccinated or submit to onerous restrictions.

Removing freedom and choice is completely fine with him when its in service of a cause that he supports.

His points, beyond being hypocritical, are also entirely and unsurprisingly inaccurate. A search of Ron DeSantis supporting “guys with bottles” attacking the LGBT community turned up no results.

Not to mention that a potential Florida law on abortion supported by DeSantis would only prohibit most abortions after 15 weeks, which would put the state in line with the vast majority of Europe, and even more lax than countries like Portugal:

Another search conducted for quotes from Newsom criticizing Portugal for being fascist dictators unconcerned with freedom turned up zero results.

Newsom concluded with concerns about the future of the Republican Party, throwing red meat to the far left and their endless disinformation about DeSantis:

“So yeah, I’m standing up as a human being to use those dollars. I hope others — send money to send a message that if that’s the future of the damn Republican Party, this country is in real trouble.”

Meanwhile the “future” in California is an unworkable, nonsensical decision to ban the sale of gasoline cars in just 13 years, with almost no substantial charging infrastructure outside of Tesla and millions of people living in apartments with no ability to reliably charge their cars in a reasonable time frame. Not to mention the expense of electric cars compared to gasoline cars for those who, say, need work trucks.

But reality, truth, facts, intellectual consistency and honesty are anathema to Newsom. He’s a byproduct of an era obsessed with appearances instead of substance.

He criticizes others for supposed restrictions while ignoring his previous oppressive mandates and lockdowns. He lies and distorts policy suggestions while imposing absurdist policies on the residents in his own state.

He goes after other governors for shrinking populations while California’s lost nearly 1% of the state’s residents in just the past two years.

Over the winter, he claimed masks and vaccine mandates worked, while ignoring California did worse than Texas or Florida in the same timeframe:

If it wasn’t so consistent, it would be hard to believe how bad Gavin Newsom is at reality.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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  1. Newsom and reality have never been in the same room at the same time. This is the same clown who claims he has a budget surplus every time he drops another billion dollar tax increase. Who wants to ban internal combustion engines while telling people there is not enough electricity to run AC units during heat waves. Who thinks having the most COVID cases and deaths shows his COVID policies worked. Who blamed police and prosecutors for enforcing his laws that has led to our continued rise in crime. That last one is one of my favorites as its the people enforcing his laws, not the laws themselves. Unreal

    Fun fact: Under Newsom, California saw its first and only population decrease since California became a state.

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