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It was like a 2021 version of Sandlot last night at the local high school football game

I’d been meaning to get my 9-year-old son to a high school football game and last night worked out perfectly to catch some Friday Night Lights. It was 84-degrees or so at kickoff. Zero MPH winds. Homecoming. Every Tom, Dick & Harry from this suburbia town was at the game wheelin’ and dealin’. The suburban housewives were in full I’ve been attending 3-4 yoga classes per week mode.

In other words, it was a great people-watching night along the fence as Perrysburg routed Napoleon 28-0. As for my son, it was his chance to play Friday night football of his own with his buddies off to the side where the 3rd graders throw a football and all hell breaks loose. It’s the same scene that plays out across this country during the fall. Kids being kids.

It turns out that my son’s friends are straight out of central casting for a 3rd grader version of Sandlot if it was turned into a football movie. There’s Henry the redhead who’s into sports and has a competitive streak. Then there’s Carter. He is the loveable kid who is built like a tank. Low center of gravity. Barrel chested at 8 or 9. I could definitely see this kid showing up at my house down the road and asking me how work has been going and following that up with “Hey Mr. Kinsey, what’s on the grill? I’m starving.”

Then there’s my son, the sweater. Absolutely drenched. It looked like he’d stuck his head under a garden hose. That’s how much effort he gave to Friday night football at the high school football game. 115%.

As we were walking to the car, I asked my son if he had fun. “Oh yeah,” he said. And with that, I might as well buy season tickets from now on because he’s all-in on these Friday night football games.

• I received a text message from Paul in Cincinnati last night while I was at the HS game. Now, I’m not sure how Paul got my phone number, but I’ll allow it since Paul is a Reds fan with Riverfront Stadium seats on his patio. It looks like Paul also went to Costco to get the patio lights. My kind of guy right here!

Hey Joe checking in from Cincy and loving all your work, every neighborhood needs a dude like you! Got my cut in last night but darkness prevented a photo till now. How about these seats from Riverfront?!

P.S. my name is Paul

• Tom C. in Nebraska is an early adapter and wants guidelines on using a snowblower this winter:

Good evening! My name is Tom and I live in Lincoln, NE. I am one of the normal dudes out there who has gravitated towards your content and I am grateful to indulge in the lighthearted nature of your columns. I love the TNML! Fantastic! Since you mentioned the sun is setting on this season and you may be looking for new ideas I couldn’t help but wonder about your take and the TNML’s take on snowblower etiquette. Questions arise.

What time can you start the snowblower in the morning in the suburbs? If you have capacity do you take care of the neighbors’ sidewalk? What if they don’t ever reciprocate? Do you blow snow in the street? How high can you pile it up between the street and sidewalk without it becoming too much? No rush on this, but I thought this might be a nice segue into winter.

As you know, winter can creep up quickly. It would be great to hear some perspectives across the fruited plain. Have a great night!


Thanks for the question, Tom. As someone who grew up with a father fascinated by snow removal, I feel like snowblower etiquette is in my wheelhouse.

Snowblower hours in the suburbs: 24/7

Residents have their windows closed, the furnace is running, the wind is howling and they’re hunkered down. There is no reason why a guy can’t be out clearing the driveway at 3 a.m. My neighbor John, a retiree, likes to get out there in the middle of the storm to battle the elements like he’s at war with Mother Nature.

My father likes to bring home a front loader from the rental company where he works to clear his driveway. Six inches of snow and he’ll have a backhoe out there moving snow. And then he’ll do the same thing for neighbors.

Taking care of the neighbors: I have neighbors in their early 70s immediately next door. They have snow removal service, but those guys don’t always show up on time and Larry wants to go get a coffee. So I’ll get out there and shovel a path for Larry to go get Panera. Help your neighbors…if they legitimately need the help. DO NOT HELP THE LAZY BUM NEIGHBORS.

Snowblowing into the street: Nope. Shoot that snow into a pile against your mailbox and move enough snow down the street to when the plow comes through he’s not burying your driveway that was just shoveled out.

I’ve probably had piles 5-6 feet high at the sides of the driveway. I like to use the available snow to build the boys a snow hill in the front yard. Or they dig tunnels in the snow. It’s a whole process.

• Phil L. writes:

Thirsty Thursday at Chattanooga Outlooks game apparently is too much for a youngster in our section.  

His efforts to be the main CupSnake were rebuffed, so his CupSnake length envy got the best of him.

• This is exactly the type of content I need out of the younger Screencaps readers. I thought we were going to see a fight out of this one, but cooler heads prevailed. Excellent job, Phil. Now, it’s time for me to get to Saturday morning soccer and then into the pool for some Saturday college football action.

Great job out of everyone this week. Let’s have a weekend!


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