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That moment when your mother is freaking out over the package she sent being stuck at a Detroit USPS facility

I remember the days (last year) when I’d pack up the family and we would head to my mother’s house for Christmas Eve. We threw everything in the van and brought home even more. Then 2020 came and mom & Ray cashed in on the housing market, bought yet another RV — this had to be the tenth one over the last 20 years — and headed to New Mexico where they were going to sell land they owned and do some camp hosting. In a matter of a month they had played around, sold the land, been contact traced for COVID in a state that was going berserk with rules and hauled ass for Florida where in a matter of a week they bought a trailer and sold the RV.

You’re right, I need a secretary to keep track of what my near-Medicare aged mother is up to. The mailing addresses pile up. The time zones start playing games with my head. The FaceTime schedules need a scheduler. I’m like Adam Schefter waiting on agents to give him updates. My phone starts buzzing and I just figure mom has changed her mind. No joke, at 9:31 a.m. while typing this, she just called from her job scheduling tee times at the 9-hole course where she lives.

The latest drama is the Christmas package she sent to my kids. The mail goes through Detroit and it’s an absolute disaster right now at the sorting facility. It’s so bad that Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) is on the case trying to figure out when people will get those all important packages.

The moral of the story is no matter how much mom drives me crazy on a daily basis with her latest mail issues, it sure is nice to have her around to drive me crazy. I have many friends who are dealing with loss or their own struggles this year. Perspective is easy to find during times like these and I’m sure not going to take it for granted that my mother has a text and phone trigger finger.

• My childhood friend is Northwestern’s strength coach Jay Hooten (no, not the guy who wears an extra-small t-shirt). He has lost his mother, grandmother — she passed this week– and a former member of his Northwestern staff over the last 14 months. My mother was incredibly close to his mother. Cheryl is up there wearing those Northwestern colors proud today. I’m always torn on days like today. Truth be told, I would be incredibly happy for Northwestern if they could pull off a win today.

• We’re incredibly lucky to have today’s sports slate. Don’t forget Charlie and Tiger Woods. Don’t forget the NFL. Eat it up. I’m heading to the store to get supplies for bean dip. It’s time to get serious on championship Saturday.

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