A Malfunctioning Garage Door Led Somone To Steal Kevin Kiermaier’s Bike

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Toronto Blue Jays centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier is going to have to find a new way to get to work after he revealed that his bike had been stolen.

Earlier this year, Kiermaier told The Toronto Sun about riding his bike to Rogers Centre.

“I rode my bike here today – four and a half mile trip – the first time I’ve done that in my big league career,” Kiermaier said in April. “I had an absolute blast. Helmet and all.”

He said that 4 and a half miles was more manageable than when he was playing for the Rays and lived considerably farther from Tropicana Field.

Welp. Poor Mr. Kiermairer got a few months of cruising the open Toronto roads on his bicycle before it came to an end. He revealed in a video posted by CityNews reporter Lindsay Dunn on X (Twitter, to the layperson) Tuesday afternoon that his bike had been stolen.

Dunn asked if Kiermaier was still biking to work, or if Toronto construction had put an end to that.

“I got bad news,” Kiermaier said. “My bike was stolen.”

Damn. Pour one out for Kevin’s 10-speed. Next time Terry Francona sees him you know these two are going to talk. Terry knows how it feels to lose a set of wheels (although he got his back).

“My garage door was malfunctioning during a road trip and it was going up and down,” Kiermaier explained. “And a neighbor said that it was left open for maybe more than a day, and it was really enticing to someone and they yanked it.”

Who Is Crooked Enough To Steal Kevin Kiermaier’s Bike?

That’s a bummer. However, you’ve got to assume Kiermaier lives in one of those nice Toronto neighborhoods that they always show on House Hunters (it’s always Toronto and for some reason, a dog walker and a shoe salesman have enough combined income for a multi-million dollar home… from what I’ve heard, at least; it’s not like I’ve seen the show or anything).

With his garage door open that long, he’s probably lucky that the only thing that got stolen was the bike.

Kiermaier didn’t seem to beat up about losing his bike though.

“That’s alright though, y’know,” he said, before going on to eulogize his former wheels. “It got me to and from the park, I’m thankful for my bike rides, but I’m not buying another one.”

Damn shame, that. As Dunn pointed out, Kiermaier is such a nice dude that someone stole from his house and he talked about how thankful he was for the bike in the first place.

Hopefully, his bike turns up sooner than later and the person responsible gets the harshest punishment they have in Canada which could be something like a stern talking to and a court-mandated “sorry.”

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