Game of Thrones Iron Throne Odds

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One week from today Game of Thrones season seven will debut. I’ll be back in the States then and we’ll have our Periscope and Facebook Live reaction show immediately after the first episode of Game of Thrones season seven ends.

You can also reread all of my Game of Thrones reviews for seasons four, five and six by using the search function on the website or by clicking here. That’s thirty different episode reviews.

But in the meantime our friends at OddsShark have odds up allowing you to gamble on who will be on the Iron Throne when Game of Thrones ends next season.

So who will it be?

Cersei Lannister -130
Daenerys Targaryen +160
Gendry +350
Jon Snow +1000
Tyrion Lannister +1000
Sansa Stark +1200
Petyr Baelish +1400
Jaime Lannister +1800
Arya Stark +2500
Bran or Benjen Stark +3500
Theon Greyjoy +4000
Yara Greyjoy +4500
Davos Seaworth +6600
Lyanna Mormont +6600
The Night King +6600
Varys +6600
Euron Greyjoy +8000
Qyburn +8000
Brienne of Tarth +12000
Samwell Tarly +13000
Tormund Giantsbane +13000
Melisandre +15000
Ellaria Sand +15000
Sandor or Gregor Clegane +15000
Jorah Mormont +16000
Jaqen H’ghar +17500
Olenna Tyrell +20000
Grey Worm +20000
Bronn of the Blackwater +20000
Podrick Payne +20000
Daario Naharis +20000
Missandei +25000
Meera Reed +30000
Gilly +30000

There are some blockbuster names up top here:

1. Cersei is a big favorite to finish on the Iron Throne, which means she must survive season six.

She’s moved from 17-1 back in December to -130 now.

So she must survive the season.

2. How about Gendry who has been rowing a boat for like three seasons now surging back into the running at 3.5 to 1?

This tells me he finally stops rowing this season and plays a major role. How major? You could have gotten him at 53-1 to rule on the Iron Throne as recently as December.

3. Jon Snow at 10-1?

Is Jon Snow going to get killed again? This time for real? Why is he so far down since December when he was +273?

4. What about Baelish at 14-1?

Do we really think George R.R. Martin is going to let there be a good ending here? I feel like there has to be a surprise ending that upsets everyone.

Because just when you start to love someone on Thrones they die. No way things end happily, right?

Written by Clay Travis

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