Game of Thrones Deathpool Odds

I’m just back from the beach — there wasn’t a wave anywhere to be seen — and I managed to take this perfect picture of my five year old without dropping my phone into the water. 

Anyway, here are the latest Game of Thrones deathpool odds from OddsShark.

We are bumping the Outkick Show tonight to immediately after Game 1 of the Finals ends. So the moment the game ends come react to it live with us on Periscope or Facebook. I’m expecting over 100k of you to stop by and tell you how fabulous my hair looks.  

I’m on the over, which has slipped down to 208 today. 

Not a ton of changes from last week’s death pool odds — Loras Tyrell remains the overwhelming favorite to die next — except that Jaime Lannister has surged up the list. 

Uh oh, I love that king-slaying, sister-screwing, one-armed bastard. 

Also, Arya has surged up the list, but I’m perfectly fine with her dying at this point. 

Loras Tyrell +250
Jorah Mormont +500
High Sparrow +500
Ramsay Bolton (Snow) +1000
Tommen Baratheon +1000
Daario Naharis +1800
Theon Greyjoy +1800
Yara Greyjoy +1800
Lady Melisandre +1800
Grey Worm +2500
Margaery Tyrell +2500
Podrick Payne +2500
Arya Stark +3300
Olenna Tyrell +3300
Jaime Lannister +3300
Brienne of Tarth +4000
Euron Greyjoy +4000
Ellaria Sand +4000
Tormund +4000
Missandei +4000
Davos +4500
Sansa Stark +4500
Jaquen H’gar +5000
Samwell Tarly +6000
Ghost +6600
Petyr Baelish +6600
Lord Varys +6600
Jon Snow +6600
Drogon +6600
Bronn +6600
Tyrion Lannister +7500
Cersei Lannister +7500
Daenerys Targaryen +10000

See y’all tonight as soon as game 1 ends. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.