Gabrielle Union Blasts Haters For Backlash Over Cheating On NFL Husband, Says It’s Nothing Dysfunctional Men Haven’t Done

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Gabrielle Union, who earlier this month said she was “horny for validation” and felt “entitled” to cheat on former NFL husband Chris Howard is shocked at the backlash she’s since received.

Weird, I know.

Don’t worry, though. Union, now married to Dwayne Wade, told Entertainment Tonight all the haters are being hypocrites because she was just doing what any male would do.

“I think people really felt anger that a woman would dare be just as dysfunctional as a man,” Union said. “Because that’s what I called it. And stupid!

“If your gonna get your panties in a twist about something I’ve been talking about since 2005 – in not one but two New York Times best-selling books – at least listen to the whole thing. Just so you know where your anger actually is.”

Gabrielle Union and Chris Howard.
Chris Howard and Gabrielle Union. (Photo by Rodrigo Varela/WireImage)

Gabrielle Union says she felt entitled to cheat on NFL husband

Okeedokee! Glad Gabby could promote her not one, but TWO New York Times bestsellers, too. Can’t wait to get my hands on those bad boys.

Anyway, Union told the Dax Shepherd podcast a few weeks ago that she essentially cheated on former NFL running back Chris Howard because she made more money than him and was paying the bills.

So that was cool.

“In my first marriage, neither one of us felt like the marriage should get in the way of our dating,” she said, adding that she “was paying all the bills … was working my ass off and I felt like that’s what comes, the spoils of riches.”

“A part of it was like keeping up with his activities,” Union continued. “Like, ‘Oh, that’s what you’re doing? You’re going to feel this one.’ And I just felt entitled to it as well.”

Makes sense.

Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union is a big fan of cheating when you make the money in the house. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Union later said she felt “horny for validation” and called the marriage “dysfunctional from day one.”

Howard was drafted in the fifth round of the 1998 draft by the Denver Broncos, and played two seasons for the Jags before calling it a career.

The two got married in 2001 and stayed together until splitting up in 2005.

“Like my dad before me, whoever has the most, gets to do whatever the hell they want is what I thought,” Union said.

Fair enough, Gabby. Cheat away!

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