Georgia Election Official Says His Crew Is Exhausted & Wants To Watch Georgia-Florida Game

Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling is exhausted. His team is exhausted. Working around the clock to count ballots in Georgia is taking a toll on election workers, and Sterling says this may take even longer because his team needs some rest. There’s also a Georgia-Florida football game Saturday that has serious significance, especially to a Dawgs fan like Sterling.

When asked by some punk media member about hurrying up the process, you could hear Sterling’s inner voice say he just wants to sit at home by the pool and crush drinks and maybe some chips and salsa. Not a huge Saturday, but a Saturday nonetheless. The guy is a 1993 Georgia grad, according to his LinkedIn page. The vote counting can wait.

“Our hope would be today but could slip into tomorrow. Everybody’s exhausted. It’s Friday, there’s a Georgia game tomorrow, it’s a really big one. We have to focus on the important things sometimes.”

And some of you northerners wonder why the SEC lives by the It Just Means More® slogan. This is a massive game for the Dawgs, in case you punks didn’t know. No. 5 Georgia has a loss to Alabama on its resume and needs this one bad. No. 8 Florida’s in a similar boat right now. The Gators’ only loss was to No. 7 Texas A&M. This is for all the SEC East marbles, and you can tell Sterling’s been thinking about how his Dawgs have won three straight in the rivalry.

Add it all up and it shouldn’t be a shock if Georgia stops counting votes this weekend. College football is way more important.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Maybe if you fixed your stupid Georgia voting processes you wouldn’t be stuck counting phantom ballots a week after the polls were supposed to close huh? Pardon America if we don’t feel sorry while we all try to stave off having a stroke waiting around on you highly motivated state employees.

  2. Pardon me for not feeling sorry for the guy…it’s something that happens once every 4 years and this particular election just showed how much of a mess the process is.

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