FX’s Upcoming Series ‘Great Expectations’ Looks Incredibly Unnerving

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Another preview is out for “Great Expectations,” and there’s no question the series has a ton of potential.

FX is known for pumping out hits. In terms of basic cable channels, you’d be very hard pressed to find any network that has produced more high quality content.

Now, it appears “Great Expectations” might be its next great hit.

The series is described as, “the coming-of-age story of Pip, an orphan who yearns for a greater life, until a twist of fate and a mysterious benefactor opens a dark world of possibilities. Under the great expectations placed upon him, Pip must weigh the true cost of this new world and if it will make him the man he wishes to be.”

While that might not paint the darkest portrait of what to expect, the latest preview is unsettling to say the least. Give it a look below.

Will “Great Expectations” be FX’s next big hit?

Again, if there’s one thing we know about FX, it’s that the network never struggles to give fans awesome content.

It’s the same network that gave people “Justified” for six awesome seasons and will now bring it back for another limited run. It’s also the same network behind “Always Sunny,” “The Americans,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Fargo” and more.

Whenever FX drops something new, at a minimum, you have to at least give it a chance. The network’s track record proves that. It’s very similar to HBO in that sense.

Plus, people crave intriguing, dark content. That’s just a fact. “Great Expectations” definitely looks like it will get the job done on that front.

Clearly, the main character is about to go down a path that unveils a very sinister conspiracy. That’s a template that almost always works. It’s hard to go wrong walking down that path.

“Great Expectations” looks outstanding. Will it be FX’s latest hit? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWtggtFKUfI)

You can catch “Great Expectations” starting this Sunday on Hulu. I’ll definitely give it a shot, and let you all know if it’s worth watching.

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