Future Disses Russell Wilson On New Rap Song: ‘F*ck Russell’

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Future is stirring up a war with Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson is married to pop star Ciara, who shares a child with the rapper. Future has taken shots at Russell in the past, and he’s now blasting him on a new song.

Quavo, who is a member of Migos, dropped “Turn Yo Clic Up” for fans Friday, and a line from Future is definitely going to draw some attention.

“I got it out the field, f*ck Russell,” Future raps on Quavo’s latest track in reference to the Broncos QB.

Future doesn’t like Russell Wilson.

This isn’t the first time Future has taken a shot at the NFL star. Hardly. It’s not a secret he’s not happy Wilson is with his former significant other, who he shares a child with.

He slammed Russell Wilson as someone under Ciara’s control in a 2019 interview on Beats 1 Radio.

Future can’t seem to move on from Russell Wilson being married to Ciara. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“He do exactly what she tell him to do. He not being a man in that position,” he said during his interview with Beats 1 Radio. “You not tellin’ her, ‘Bro, chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up,'” he said a few years ago (via PEOPLE).

Now, after claiming Wilson has no control over his life, Future is out here dissing him on a Quavo track.

Future disses Russell Wilson in new rap song with Quavo. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/WireImage)

Tough look for Future. Russell Wilson and Ciara have been together for years and have a child of their own. Time to move on, Future. Time to move on. At some point, it just comes off as a bit desperate. Fans were probably at that point years ago. Now, it’s just getting a bit sad.

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