Sarah Fuller Didn’t Even Start For Vandy In NCAA Soccer Tourney Loss

Sarah Fuller was all the rage for entering a Vanderbilt football game and handling a kickoff last fall. But her full-time sport is soccer, and the season didn’t end well for either Fuller or the Commodores.

Instead, Vandy was bounced from the NCAA women’s tournament, losing 2-0 to Penn State over the weekend — and Fuller didn’t even get to play. Instead, the senior goalkeeper was replaced by freshman Kate Devine, who made her first career start.

The decision to bench Fuller was “based on play,” or overall performance, Vanderbilt’s sports information director said in a statement.

Vanderbilt coach Darren Ambrose said beforehand he was making the move from Fuller to Devine because he felt it put the team in the best position to win.

“The decision won’t be made because Sarah Fuller has been in the limelight for football,” Ambrose said. “It will be made based on what our goalkeepers have done for the last month or two. The people that have the biggest questions aren’t in my practices every day.”

Vanderbilt was seeded No. 16 in the tourney, finishing the season with a 9-6-1 mark.

Meanwhile, at the time, OutKick founder Clay Travis called Fuller’s college football kickoff a “manufactured stunt” by former Commodores coach Derek Mason in an attempt to save his job.

“First of all, I don’t blame in any way, Sarah Fuller, for the media ridiculousness that has followed her kicking one time to begin the second half for Vanderbilt,” he said. “But this feels to me like a manufactured stunt far more than any sort of significant sports story. Vanderbilt has a punter that punted the ball seven times during Saturday’s game for an average of over 43 yards per kick. It is regular in college football or the NFL for a kicker or punter to get injured, and for someone else to have to do their job because there aren’t enough roster spots to justify having backup kickers, or having backup punters.

“… Also Sarah Fuller, addressed the team at halftime, and lectured them on their effort and team morale. Have you ever heard of a kicker addressing a football team at halftime and reading them the riot act because the kicker didn’t like the effort that he was seeing out on the field? What do you think the reaction was in the Vanderbilt locker room when a girl who had never been on their team during the entire season, and had not stepped foot on the field yet for an actual play, got up and lectured them about their lack of effort and intensity that she could see? It was ridiculous, and if that halftime speech was filmed and if this all turns into a Disney-fied story, this is even more absurd.”

Either way, it didn’t work out for Mason, who was canned after a winless season. He is now the defensive coordinator at Auburn.

As for Fuller, she ended up benched in her final college soccer game. That can happen, and there’s no doubt that she completed her run at Vandy with a fine soccer career. Everything else was manufactured by the former football coach and then blown up by a mainstream media desperate for a feel-good story.

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  1. Kind of feel bad for her. But its wild that her sport benches her based on performance, while the wokies refused to acknowledge performance or ability when she was kicking 30 yard kickoffs and doing extra points. Its almost like there is a double-standard…

  2. The “mainstream media desperate for a feel-good story”? No.

    Woke mainstream media (especially ESPN) trying to push so-called gender “equity” in sports, with no physical differences between men and women? Yes. And if you protest, you are a bigot and should be cancelled.

    Decent article but you dropped the ball on the 1-foot line and it rolled through the end zone for a touchback.

  3. To be eligible for the Lou Groza Award you have to be one of the Top 30 kickers on the NCAA Watch list from the PREVIOUS YEAR. Previous year’s stats are used to target the Top 30. All kickers are eligible, but you have to have been pretty special to make the finalists list. I guess she was special…okay then.

  4. “The decision won’t be made because Sarah Fuller has been in the limelight for football,” Ambrose said. “It will be made based on what our goalkeepers have done for the last month or two. The people that have the biggest questions aren’t in my practices every day.” That says everything you need to know about Fuller

  5. Who knew that a publicly stunt to emasculate the football team didn’t work out in the end for her.

    I do blame Mason the most for this…and she should have said no to his crackpot scheme.

  6. She’s replaced from her starting position on the soccer team based on her play months after she was promoted to kicker on the football team with no apparent football resume. Well, Sarah (and any wokesters out there), these are good examples of what a meritocracy looks like and what it doesn’t look like.

    Welcome to life.

  7. What happened to the author of this article? I don’t understand the derogatory story and comments about this girl either. What did she do or say that made all these grown men so angry at this kid? It’s a pretty sleazy article if you ask me.

    • Let’s see, this 20 year old “kid”, with no college football experience chastised the men’s football team at halftime for not clapping for each other, and then made her statements public. This coming from an idiot kicker. She reveled in her new found fame and went along with the media praise on her average kicking performance. The former is akin to me starting a new job as a front desk assistant in a new field, which I barely know anything about, and scolding the developers or managers, who have been there for years, for not doing their jobs correctly, and getting nothing but positive reviews from the CEO for doing my job adequately – which I’ve had for 2 weeks, and then being invited to meet the President of the United States.

  8. I have a feeling Sarah Fuller will take a lot of lessons from this experience. Vanderbilt used her like a pawn to achieve their little political agenda, and promptly kicked her to the curb like an old beer can. That’s what you should expect from the left, so get used to it. I hope she looks back on this and learns to be careful who she listens to for advice in her life, and Surrounds herself only with the people who actually have her best interest in mind. Sadly, with leftists, they’ll shine your boots only as long as you’re useful to their agenda, then it’s over, because they’re dishonest and dishonorable people.

  9. some day someone will do a study on colleges and their maniacal growth while producing stupid people.

    sarah fuller was a prop for stupid. she and any young lady has about as much chance of playing in an actual football game for real as Joe Obiden.

    American universities are run by females and the majority of students are females. and they are selling Girls can play football. thats the message.

    and men can give birth and can play ladies volleyball.

    we keep selling woman crazy shit. and many pretend to eat it up. meanwhile young men are ignored. no man wants to participate in this. they are being bullied into pretending this virue signalling is helpful.

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