Full Of Bull: Canadian Public Health Leader Ousted After Lying About Native American Ancestry

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Canadian public health expert Carrie Bourassa has been exposed as non-Native American and lost her job because of it.

Actually, Bourassa is losing her job because she lied about being Native American. She said she was. She’s not.

As the New York Post wrote, you can just call her, “Sitting Bulls**t.”

Bourassa, whose official title is scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, is mostly an absolute fraud, someone who deceived her way to a position of gain.

“It makes you feel a bit sick,” said Janet Smylie, a Métis professor at the University of Toronto who worked with Bourassa on a book about indigenous parenting, via the Post.

“To have an impostor who is speaking on behalf of Métis and indigenous people to the country about literally what it means to be Métis … that’s very disturbing and upsetting and harmful.”

Bourassa was suspended on Nov. 1 following a lengthy expose of her background that was published Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

There’s more. Per the Post …

It started to unravel in 2019, when she appeared in full tribal regalia — draped in an electric blue shawl, with a feather in her partially braided hair — to give a TEDx Talk at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

“My name is Morning Star Bear,” she said tearfully as the crowd cheered.

“I’m Bear Clan. I’m Anishinaabe Métis from Treaty Four Territory,” she proclaimed as she described an impoverished childhood beset by violence.

Lying for sympathy, for gain, for fame. Sadly, she’s not the first as the Post noted. And she almost certainly won’t be the last.

“The case is drawing comparisons to that of Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who claimed to be black as president of a local branch of the NAACP — and to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who claimed Native American ancestry on the strength of family lore and her ‘high cheekbones,'” the Post wrote.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. Watch out Sen. Warren, a.k.a. Lie-awatha, there’s a new Pocahontas in town!

    Glenn / Mason… pretending to be a black guy pretending to be a white guy pretending to be a black guy… careful, dishonesty about your heritage will land you in trouble…

  2. How are “Trans” freaks any different?? Clowns such as this Canadian minister get mocked and fired, as she should, yet deranged humans claiming they can switch genders are worshipped?? 🤔

  3. Don’t forget about Alec Baldwin’s asshole wife who claimed she was born in Spain and was Spanish. And even faked a Spanish accent. Turns out she grew up in Boston and was as White as I am. Fraudulent c**t.

    • My man. You just opened up a door of fake asses I had never heard of before. Alec Baldwins wife’s name is Hillary but she tells everyone its Hilaria? Now that’s hilarious. You ever heard of Bill Belicheck and his name? Don’t know for sure but I heard years ago that his whole family has always gone by Belicheck (Ba-lee-chick) but he pronounces it as (Bell-a-check) for no reason at all

  4. Don’t forget about Alec Baldwin’s asshole wife who claimed she was born in Spain and was Spanish. And even faked a Spanish accent. Turns out she grew up in Boston and is as White as I am. Fraudulent c**t.

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