FSU’s Mike Norvell Fires Back At Clemson As War Of Words Escalates Over Cancellation

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell has fired back at Dabo Swinney as the heat rises after Saturday’s cancellation of the FSU-Clemson game. Dabo thinks Florida State pussed out because they were scared to play his team, while Norvell says the move was purely about COVID and protecting his players. The facts here are that FSU canceled Saturday’s game in Tallahassee three hours before it was to be played after learning a Clemson backup lineman had tested positive. There’s some back-and-forth debate on what the timeline was for the player during the week.

Dabo says Clemson is out $300,000 and not in the mood to be traveling back to Tallahassee to play this one. Meanwhile, Norvell’s sticking to the COVID excuse for telling Clemson they weren’t playing.

“When we have a player who is showing symptoms, we keep them away from the facility. Not only is the health of our players important, but it’s for the safety of our opponents,” Norvell told the press Monday.

“Definitely want this game to be played in Tallahassee” and if financial contributions are needed, Norvell says, “I’ll sign up to make one. That’s where the main concerns lie. Everybody can handle things diff in their programs. We’re only concerned with making sure our players are protected.”

“Other schools can handle themselves however they want. They can practice symptomatic players. But when it comes to our student athletes and their well being, we’re going to rely on our medical advisors to make the best call. We were excited to play this game. We’re a young team that needs every rep we can get. I’m not concerned what any other coach says or thinks.”

“We cannot be careless with this. No matter what your personal feelings of the virus is, it’s real. … We will not, no matter how bad you want to play, we have an obligation to keep them safe. There’s been plenty of times that, if there’s a symptom that shows up, we’re sending guys home and keeping them away just in case, because we’re not going to be reckless with their safety.”

There you go. You should be all caught up now on the Norvell-Dabo War of 2020. Where does this all go? Nowhere. The game will be scrapped. Clemson will still go to the Final Four and play Alabama for all the marbles. Pray for Pitt when they come into Death Valley this Saturday. It’ll be the first time Clemson has played since November 7 when they lost in double OT to Notre Dame. Dabo’s mad.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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