FSU Should Crush Oklahoma

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Oklahoma vs.FSU, 5:30 ET

Sorry, but this game is a slap in the face to those fine folks of the Cheez-Its. Those delicious crackers have gotten me through many parties and weekends on the couch and this is how they are repaid by the NCAA? No thank you. They deserve better than seeing a craptastic Oklahoma team take on FSU. Nothing against FSU, by the way, but Oklahoma doesn’t deserve to play in a Bowl Game.

Look, technically Oklahoma earned a spot, but I’m not sure I like that they got one with how their season went. At an unacceptable 6-6 record, they basically stumbled their way into this game. After starting the season 3-0 they dropped three consecutive games to Kansas St., TCU, and Texas. All three of those teams are good, but they only were competitive in the Kansas State game. They rebounded a bit then lost four of their past five games to end the season. They are inconsistent and something is completely off about their squad. It probably is their defense. They allow almost 200 yards on the ground and over 250 yards through the air to opposing offenses. Now they play an FSU squad that has a solid defense and a strong offense. This should be no contest.

FSU has looked strong this season with a 9-3 record. I probably wouldn’t feel as confident in them if there was a more consistent opponent against them, but in this one they should be able to smoke Oklahoma. Outside of their own three-game losing streak against three consecutive ranked opponents, FSU swept the board and played well in pretty much every game this season, even the losses. With 475 yards of offense on average they are able to attack defenses, like the weak Oklahoma one, with relative ease. Reports are saying pretty much everyone is going to play for FSU as well.

Will Oklahoma really be motivated to play in this game? I highly doubt it. When you’re recruited to go to Oklahoma, you’re sold on the idea of potentially playing for a National Championship. Not the Cheez-It Bowl. I’m taking FSU to cover the -9.5 spread.

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Written by David Troy

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