From The Law To The Media: Clay And Megyn Kelly Talk Shop, And Lots More

Clay Travis has Megyn Kelly on his “Wins and Losses” podcast, and Clay and Megyn discuss her background as an attorney, and the big decision she made to leave that world behind and pursue journalism. Megyn details how difficult that decision was, and also explains how her past career as a lawyer really prepared her to be a journalist. Clay and Megyn discuss the media as a whole, the upcoming election in 2020, as well as her brand new podcast, and much more. Enjoy!

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  1. She is a flake. I could care less what she says about anything. I things she used her extremities 🦶 to gain advantages and even accused Roger Ales and Bill O’reilly of misconduct – Even though she used her sex appeal to gain millions.

  2. I lost all respect for Kelly when she got caught manipulating her interview with Alex Jones into a hit piece (It was 17 minutes long with 1 minute of Jones actually answering questions, and 16 minutes of her directing a story to fit a narrative). Jones had a master tape of the whole interview showing how she twisted what he said. She became just another MSM mouthpiece silencing dissenters to me at that point, rather than an honest journalist. I don’t trust her to be objective.

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