Friday’s Picks For the 2014 NCAA Tourney

Yesterday I went 7-8-1 on my sixteen picks, with two incredibly crushing losses — St. Joe’s +4.5 vs. Connecticut and N.C. State +2.5 vs. St. Louis. Both of these teams led throughout the entire game, covering was a breeze. Until, that is, overtime arrived and they both somehow managed to choke away not just the lead but their covers as well. Win those two games — and I’ll be honest, I was already counting them both as wins, especially N.C. State, which was up 16 late in the game — and I would have finished off the first day 9-6-1.


But we fight on. 

So here are today’s best picks. We begin with mine and Todd’s best five picks from FS1 last night.    

Tennessee -4 vs. UMass

Kentucky -6 vs. Kansas State

Oklahoma State -3 vs. Gonzaga

New Mexico -3 vs. Stanford

Wichita State -16 vs. Cal-Poly 

George Washington +3 vs. Memphis

Eastern Kentucky +14 vs. Kansas

Weber State +19.5 vs. Arizona

Nebraska +3.5 vs. Baylor

Coastal Carolina +21 vs. Virginia

Providence +4 vs. UNC

VCU -6 vs. Stephen F. Austin

Iowa State -8 vs. NC Central

UCLA -9 vs. Tulsa

Mercer +13 vs. Duke

Creighton -13.5 vs. UL-Lafayette

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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