Hilarious ‘Last Of Us’ Parody Goes Viral, Perfectly Pokes Fun At The Hit Series

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An incredible parody of “The Last of Us” is making the rounds online for all the right reasons.

“The Last of Us” turned into an incredible hit for HBO, and the sinister post-apocalyptic captivated TV fans. It was dark, gritty and kept viewers glued to the edge of their seats.

It was one of the most successful and engaging shows in recent memory. However, there’s also a bit to make fun of.

“The Last of Us” became a monster hit for HBO. (Credit: HBO)

The guys over at Friday Beers on Instagram (a great place for laughs), poked fun at the relationship between Joel, Ellie and everyone they encountered along the way in a hilarious parody.

Specifically, they poked fun at the fact no matter what situation Ellie and Joel found themselves in, she just didn’t seem nervous.

Give it a watch below. It’s hilarious for fans of the HBO show.

This is a great parody of “The Last of Us.”

You have to admit this parody was top-notch. It was absolutely outstanding. I damn near lost it laughing at the part where they commented the humans might be worse than the monsters.

That was such an obvious theme of the show that it was prime for roasting. The cannibals were so over the top that it was obvious that was the theme.

Yes, the monsters are bad, but there’s nothing that can match the evil of some characters. In fact, it was so over the top even Rainn Wilson weighed in on the cannibal leader also being a preacher.

Comedy is always a plus.

No matter how much you love a show or how serious a subject might be, nothing should be off limits to comedy. The entire point of comedy is to push the envelope and have fun with it.

That’s true for entertainment and everything else. Every joke might not land, but the attempt should always be defended.

Also, don’t be the kind of person who can’t joke about stuff or crack fun at yourself. Those are the absolute worst kind of people. Nobody is above being made fun of in a non-malicious way, especially TV shows.

Now, we sit and wait for season two of “The Last of Us.” The parody from the Friday Beers crew was awesome, and a perfect way to kill some time. Fire off with your season two theories in the comments below.

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