Free Jameis Winston!

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Oct 11, 2014; Syracuse, NY, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) calls a play at the line against the Syracuse Orange during the first quarter at the Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports Getty Images North America

Concerned that our coverage had been too slanted against Jameis Winston, Outkick’s editors agreed to fire Clay Travis for the day and allow Florida State Seminoles fan Rufus Swearingen to offer a defense of the Seminoles star. 

Rufus is a 54 year old white male from DeFuniak Springs, Florida. He is not presently employed, but in the summer he removes mold from the natural DeFuniak springs. He was married three times, but all three marriages ended in divorce.

He is a big Florida State Seminoles fan.  

These are his words that he submitted to Outkick.

I am so sick of the liberal media dragging a kids good name through the mud. Jamis Winston is a good kid! His only crime is that he didn’t go play in the SEC on ESECPN. If he played in the SEC he would be the governer of Alubama by now. They would put statues up to him. Instead hes at FSU and every one in the media know’s that the best way to get attention is to pick on the biggest fan base in the nation!

Seminoles are number one!


Suck it, America!

Suck it even harder, liberal America!

The reason why I’m writing this Jamis defense is because Fox News is the only trusted name in media, not like those lamos at ESECPN, and I new when I saw that Outlick the Coverage was going to listen to me and fire Clay Travis that this was the place for me to tell America to suck it.

23-0 with Jamis.

Suck it, 23-0!

Free Jamis.

It’s time the USA got to listen to a real American tell it like it is on Jamis. 

Why do people not like Famus Jamis. I’ll tell you. Because he’s young and black. Believe me, I know. I didn’t vote for Obama for the same reason. But that’s beside the point. Obama doesn’t play football. And if he did he wouldn’t be very good because he’s left handed and gay. Jameis is right handed and straight. So he had sex with a girl and she claimed she didn’t want to have sex with him after. Let me ask you this, what guy reading this right now hasn’t had sex with a woman and had her not want to have sex with him after? That happens to all of us. Especially when she sobers up and finds out that you don’t really have that free meth that you promised…

I read all about that girl on FSU message boards. They said she starred in porno movies and tried to convince Jamis to go join ISIS and then come back and smugle Ebola back from Africa hidden in his FSU helmet. Lords truth! You can’t trust her! She’s a hoe! I know people say you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, but mostly things on the Internet are true. I’m always sceptikal though. Like, the government tried to tell us that man walked on the moon. But you couldn’t see it when you walked outside. No way we went to the moon. Just gotta keep your eyes open, no when and what to belive.

Jamis got in trouble for yelling to fuck her right in the pussy. Where the hell is you supposed to do it then? Did Obama make that illegal too? Thanks, Obama. We all got to screw in the ass now.   

Anyway, they say that Jamis stole some crab legs. Let me ask you this, how can you steal something that was in the ocean? The grocery store took the crab legs from the ocean, right? How come nobody says the grocery store stole the crab legs from the ocean? You can’t steal something that’s in nature. That’s like you getting mad at me for taking a pine cone.

Look, I can see lots of pine cones right now. Peanuts too. I’m cracking one right now. Lock me up in jail and throw away the key!

I asked my black friend Leroy what he thinks about the way their treating Jamis. Leroy, he and me go way back. He was in 8th grade with me before I dropped out. I said to him, “Leroy, we got to free Jamis.” He said, “Who the hell are you?” I said, “I’m Rufus, your buddy from 8th grade.” And then Leroy said, “Get the hell off my porch, I’m a Gator.”

So black people know all about racism.

And it’s racist to not like Jamis.

All of you that don’t like Jamis. You’re racists, plain and simple. Let me tell you, if there’s one group of people that knows all about racists its white people from North Florida. We’re the experts. 

Now people want to suspend Jamis because he signed some autografs. Please. Next thing you’re going to want to suspend Jesus for healing the lepers. Jamis throws touchdown passes for the same reason that Jesus heals people. IT”S WHAT HE DOES! If Jesus was alive today and he signed a Bible how much do you think it would sell for? A lot, right? Same thing with Jamis and footballs. You can’t stop people from wanting what they already want. 

I just get so mad at the liberal media and theyre interest in things that don’t matter. Like gay people getting married. How can you let gay people get married and Jamis can’t play football? Slippery slope. I know all about slippery slopes. You ever try to walk down to Defuniak Springs after it rains. Buddy, its a damn slip and slide, like my second wife every Wednesday night when they put Diet Dr. Pepper on sale at Wal Mart. 

You know what this is really about? Jealusy. Every body else is jealus of FSU. First they tried to take our tomuhawk chop and now they try to take our quarterback. Thats how it is these days with all the hater’s. Hate, hate, hate. 

Well, fuck you and all the ESECPN’s too, Jamis ain’t going no where. 

But to the champienship!

Noles forever, bitch. 


Rufus Swearingen

Written by Clay Travis

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