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Guys, I’m going to keep this short because I wrote this late last night so it would be ready for this morning

By the time this posts, I’ll be at the airport attempting to get out of Detroit and on down to Savannah for the Screencaps Spring Break which will consist of checking out the local bars I’ve heard so much about, watching sports, going to a Savannah Bananas game and hopefully watching MY Toledo Rockets break one of the most excruciating March Madness losing streaks in basketball history.

The Rockets have tortured me enough. Hopefully, this is the weekend the misery ends and they finally get back to the tournament for the first time since 1980.

On the baseball front, we officially have a roster for the MLB Alumni team that my buddy Collin Balester will be playing for. In case you just started following along, Balester, who lives in the neighborhood and drinks all my Garage Beers, volunteered for a three-game summer series against the Bananas and the season gets started Saturday night.

The alumni roster includes: Johnny Damon (who is switching teams this weekend after playing for the Nanners earlier this season), Jonny Gomes, Jeremy Guthrie, John Doherty, Balester, Alex Wilson, Ben Kozlowski, Heath Bell, Billy Burns, Brian Barton, Luis Montanez, John Buck, Daniel Descalso, Mike Morse, George Kottaras and my man Orestes Destrade, who is now 60 years old.

You’re damn right I’m pumped to see if Destrade can still rake at the plate.

I know there are thousands of guys reading this right now who remember that 20-home run, 87 RBI year Destrade had in 1993.

According to the Nanners’ media team, the alumni will face Christian Dearman who is supposed to be a star of Banana Ball. Look, I’m not going to get greedy here. All I’m asking for is a nice weekend down south and to see Stilts come out of the bullpen to face Johnny Damon.

That’s not too much to ask.

Go have an amazing weekend. SeanJo will be handling Saturday Screencaps this week as I will be busy Saturday checking out Grayson Stadium and digging into this world of Banana Ball.

Oh yeah, and I’m also hoping to connect with Louie in Savannah over a beer. That’s the weekend in a nutshell.


TNML Spring Training

• Robert S. in NC writes:

Hope all is well, wanted to put out a spring training feel on were everyone in the league is on the yards.  I know a lot aren’t close and waiting on opening day.  Early here in the Piedmont of NC, but we are rolling.  Everyone in the north and outer reaches keep their chins up it’s coming boys. Looking forward to some pics and appreciate this community.

Mike T. & Cindy T. enjoying the simple, yet best, things in life

• Mike T. writes:

Pork schnitzel, Viennese style

Their waiter:

And look at what’s moving through the Arkansas legislature

• Adam sent this over:


Having watched my town lose to a Catholic school last night in the state Sweet 16, I’m starting to think Senator King has a point here.

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