Franchise Tag Deadline Approaching For NFL Players

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Every NFL offseason, team brass and their top players meet on the dance floor for a little franchise tag do-si-do. The player is usually coming off of a big season, has never looked sexier, and wants a long-term commitment. I’ve earned your love, now give me that rock and let’s make things official. The team knows they have an absolute banger on their arm—the whole league can’t stop staring—but wonders if she’ll still be a freak in the sheets after a few kids. She looks good now, but will she still be dressing to impress once her name’s on that credit card? The franchise tag attempts to solve this tricky situation by allowing everyone to keep dating casually at a steeper price. Dive bar dates where you fall in love transform into Gucci bags and trips to Positano (can you tell how close to home this hits for me?). If you’re a team that’s neither ready to shit nor get off the pot, then you’d better feather that porcelain seat with the finest Charmin nest you can afford. If you don’t, a Beyoncé song is going to come on the radio one day and she’s leaving your ass. That’s the franchise tag: an expensive buyer of time where nobody is truly happy, but everyone is playing nice in Italy.

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This year, seven hotties are about to stamp their passport and live the sugarbaby lifestyle for a year while their team figures out what they truly want in life. Some are reportedly happy with the tag, as it allows them to play above market value and earn a new contract once the market rises, while others unsurprisingly do not appreciate the gesture whatsoever. The seven players slapped with the franchise tender in 2021, who have yet to come to terms on multi-year deals, have until 4 p.m. ET to ink long-term pacts. Otherwise, they’ll play on the one-year contracts.

Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin, New York Jets safety Marcus Maye, New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams, Carolina Panthers tackle Taylor Moton, Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Cam Robinson, and Washington Football Team guard Brandon Scherff are the seven players franchise tagged.

All seven players signed their franchise tenders, so each is expected to attend training camp later this month.

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Chris Godwin, WR, Bucs: Set to make $15.983 million. A rising star, Godwin is important to everything the offense wants to do. This team is ‘Super Bowl or bust,’ and as such, has very little cap space. This deal is likely just a bridge until he can be paid as part of Tampa’s post-Brady era.

Allen Robinson, WR, Bears: Set to make $17.98 million. Robinson has carried the offense despite spotty QB play for the last two seasons, and has also made it known he wants to stay in Chicago.

Marcus Maye, S, Jets: Set to earn $10.612 million. The Jets’ best secondary player is reportedly not happy with the tag, as he was set to cash in on bigger deals in free agency. At just $10 million plus, it’s clear that some defensive positions need a few big free agency contracts to raise their value as well.

Marcus Williams, S, Saints: Set to earn $10.612 million. Another safety hoping to have a big, healthy season and cash in on rising secondary prices next summer.

Taylor Moton, OT, Panthers: Set to earn $13.754 million. One of the better right tackles in the league (and the best lineman in Carolina), Moton can use the tag to his advantage with a big season. Back-to-back tags for linemen can get expensive quickly, so Carolina will either have to put a ring on it next summer or let him test free agency.

Cam Robinson, OT, Jaguars: Set to make $13.754 million. Robinson is the one player on the list who hasn’t played very well of late, but still received the tag. His 40 pressures allowed were eighth-most among all tackles last season. This season gives both Robinson and the team a chance to see what happens.

Brandon Scherff, G, Washington: Set to make $18.036 million. The double tag! The All-Pro guard is back on the dance floor one more time with Washington as the team decided it was worth it to pay top dollar for flexibility. If Scherff has a big season in D.C., he could potentially reset the market for interior linemen next summer.

Written by TK Sanders

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