Fox News Plays Clip of Clay Travis Interview With Donald Trump During Ed Orgeron Segment

Total151 LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News today. At the 2:56-mark, they played a clip of President Trump’s interview with Clay Travis on his Fox Sports Radio show about the return of college football: Watch the full interview with President Trump here. More

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  1. Clay,
    That interview today with President Donald Trump was outstanding and great fun to listen to. I sensed a bit of chemistry between you two 😈

    Outkick and Clay Travis have ReInvented Radio.
    It’s not just Audio, it’s Radio that you can see and feel.

    Ooooooo Lala … ☝️

  2. EPIC interview with Prez Trump today!
    Tuesday August 11th, 2020 – a great day in American Sports Media History.
    Clay was awesome. Trump was awesome.
    Two Anti-Lockdown Americans – real talk…
    How beautiful is that?!

    Great job by FOX NEWS gal too!!
    And Coach O… “There’s no plan B here at LSU.”

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