Fox News Plays Clip of Clay Travis Interview With Donald Trump During Ed Orgeron Segment

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News today. At the 2:56-mark, they played a clip of President Trump’s interview with Clay Travis on his Fox Sports Radio show about the return of college football:

Watch the full interview with President Trump here.

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  1. Clay,
    That interview today with President Donald Trump was outstanding and great fun to listen to. I sensed a bit of chemistry between you two 😈

    Outkick and Clay Travis have ReInvented Radio.
    It’s not just Audio, it’s Radio that you can see and feel.

    Ooooooo Lala … ☝️

  2. EPIC interview with Prez Trump today!
    Tuesday August 11th, 2020 – a great day in American Sports Media History.
    Clay was awesome. Trump was awesome.
    Two Anti-Lockdown Americans – real talk…
    How beautiful is that?!

    Great job by FOX NEWS gal too!!
    And Coach O… “There’s no plan B here at LSU.”

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