Fox Nation’s Kacie McDonnell Gets Engaged To Eric Hosmer, Crazy MNF Parlay & Clay With Big Recruit

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The Bears are the frauds we thought they were

Now that the Bears (5-2 with one game a piece against the Saints and Titans and two games against the Packers coming up) are out of the playoff picture, it looks like we’re going to get a wild race out of the NFC West where the last place 49ers are 4-3. The Rams were suddenly back to playing Super Bowl defense, Jared Goff was an efficient 23 of 33 for 219 yards and two touchdown passes, and the run game gave him some help, managing 161 yards on the Bears defense. We’re talking 4.7 yards per rush. This kind of offense combined with the NFC’s best scoring defense (124 points allowed through seven games) means that the Rams are now a force to be reckoned with.

In gambling news, tonight at midnight, downtown Las Vegas gets its first newly built casino resort since 1980 when Circa opens across the street from the Plaza, where the Las Vegas Club used to reside. I’ve included dozens of photos of Circa in Screencaps over the last few months. It’s the resort with an insane rooftop pool TV setup. And based on the photos, it also has the most beautiful sportsbook I’ve ever seen. Circa will include an outdoor bar on the Fremont Street Experience. Downtown Las Vegas needs new life, and Circa is definitely going to bring it. This place is going to be a must-visit for guys trips.

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  1. Kacie was engaged to Aaron Murray until she found a bigger star with Eric Hosmer in Kansas City. She split from Eric for time, too. (It must be love now…)

  2. Usual suspects again rioting and looting just animalistc behavior and it has been going on along time going back to the Watts riots until today just despicable human beings lazy and blame their problems on everyone else

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