Fox Is Letting Outkick “Call” the BCS Title Game

You can watch our Foxcast by clicking here.

Tomorrow is the BCS title game.

I’m out here in LA, but I won’t be in the press box for the BCS title game because I’ll be part of Fox Sports Live’s post-game coverage on FS1.

That means I’ll be watching the game where I watched most big college games all season — sitting in the Fox Sports studios in front of the television. Basically my viewing experience will be a lot like most of yours. 

Since it’s a big game we wanted to do something fun. We kicked around several ideas and then we hatched a plan that will inevitably lead to disaster — what if we “called” the game online and gave you guys a chance to watch and listen along to our conversations as you also watched the title game.

I’ve been arguing in favor of mutliple game announcers for a long time. I think fans should be able to pick serious or fun telecasts. 

Ours will not be serious. 

The Fox executives — who truth be told are a lot like you guys and gals more than they are serious business people in suits who are always frowning — loved the idea.

So we’re doing it.  

And it should be a lot of fun.

But it could also be a train wreck of epic proportions.

Either way I think you guys will enjoy it. 

Since Fox has never done this before there’s really no telling what will happen. 

We’ll have a rotating cast of guests — Petros, Todd Furhman breaking down the latest Vegas odds in real-time, Mike Pereira whenever there’s a replay controversy, Joel Klatt, Eddie George, Matt Leinart, Donovan McNabb, Ephraim Salaam, Charissa Thompson, Jay and Dan, basically if you’re in the Fox studios, we’re going to make you a part of “calling” the game.

Nothing will be scripted, it will be real-time and you’ll be able to watch it online through your laptops or whatever secondary screen device you have.

The goal isn’t to “call” the game, it’s to capture the same sort of conversations you’d have with your buddies if you were watching with them at the bar or at your friend’s house.

I’ll be the ringleader and you guys will, hopefully, be a big part of our show as well. Since, no surprise here, we want social media to help drive our conversation. You can speak to us in real time through the hashtag #outkick and Charissa has already agreed to read angry Tweets. We’ll field real-time questions for guests — maybe I’ll do a live mailbag at halftime — basically we hope at least some of you come hang out with us for the BCS title game.

So how will it go?

Tune in and find out fifteen minutes before kickoff when we go live.

Follow along with the hashtag #foxcast.  

Only one thing is for certain — Outkick the Coverage is going to have to fire that bastard Clay Travis by the end of the game. 

You can watch the game with us here.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.