Fox Bet Live Talks Lou Williams, Cam Newton, Jamal Adams

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Fox Bet Live — formerly Lock It In — with Rachel Bonnetta, Cousin Sal, Todd Fuhrman, and Outkick founder Clay Travis returned to FS1 today at 4pm ET. Topics of discussion included Lou Williams (who went to an Atlanta strip club for chicken wings while excused from the NBA bubble for a funeral), how Jamal Adams impacts the Seahawks’ fortunes, and the impact of Cam Newton on the New England Patriots.

Why Cousin Sal believes you should still take the under on the Seahawks:

Clay is fascinated by the implications of Cam Newton on the Patriots:

Todd Fuhrman assesses the Clippers’ betting odds in light of the Lou Williams fiasco:


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  1. Hey Clay,
    I watched FoxBetLive with all the anticipation I could muster. To be honest, the ratings will be WAYYYYY DOWN this season, and I doubt the show will be back next year. CLEARLY…Cousin DEM-Sal’s mind is elsewhere, and Todd doesn’t need this platform…and you certainly don’t need to drag Sally and Todd towards ratings success because you’ll need to focus on OUTKICK. Rachel is great…she’s smart, funny, high energy, and beautiful…prolly auditioning in her head for another gig in Vegas with more security. I don’t see this show making it after Trump Derangement Syndrome has screwed with the libs heads. Just sayin.

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