YouTuber Reportedly Arrested During Livestream, Immediately Plays The Race Card With Police: VIDEO

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YouTuber Fousey reportedly was arrested late Tuesday night after calling the police on himself.

The popular YouTuber, who was recently banned from some Las Vegas casinos, was participating in a stream while ranting about his life when he called 911 to claim someone had a gun to his head at his Miami hotel, according to Newsweek. A video of the incident shows there was never a gun near his head and he wasn’t in danger.

Well, police responded to the InterContinental hotel in Miami to make sure the situation was okay, and it ended with the bracelets being brought out.

“You guys are dumb as f*ck. You guys are literally dumb as f*ck…You all are f*cked. I’m suing all you all. My life is in danger and you arrest a Palestinian Muslim who’s viral. Are all you dumb or are you stupid? Do you like your job? You’re f*cked,” Fousey shouted as police led him out of the room in handcuffs.

He claimed he was in danger, but again, it’s unclear what he was talking about.

Fousey reportedly arrested in Miami.

These videos are about as bad of a look as it gets for a person when it comes to interacting with the police. Here’s some simple and free advice.

If the police pull out the handcuffs and you’re getting arrested, shut your mouth and don’t say a word. Battle it out in court.

You know what you definitely don’t do? Shout that the cops are “dumb as f*ck” and play the race card. Those cops remained incredibly calm and didn’t panic. It’s a testament to their professional behavior and training.

Imagine someone screaming in your face like that and just remaining completely calm. Ice in their veins.

Fousey reportedly arrested in Miami. (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Stream Con)

Truly bizarre and unhinged behavior from Fousey. Check back to see if there are any updates because this entire situation is incredibly strange.

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