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    All those bad habits you’ve learned from Clay over the years when it comes to sports betting? Well I’m now going to work relentlessly to help you correct them by placing you on the path to an advanced degree in sports betting.

    While I won’t be picking games on the site like Clay this will be all about explaining some of the numbers, helping with terminology, and shedding light on an industry I know most of you diehard Outkick readers will find rather fascinating.

    There’s no such thing as a dumb question so when it comes to industry terminology or reccos on the best steakhouses in Vegas, look to me as your gambling consigliere (minus that whole crime boss connotation) as an added perk to your VIP membership on the site.

    Looking forward to interacting with everyone all fall and may this be the most profitable football season you ever put on the books



    Looking forward to it Todd.

    Question. Where’s a good local spot to watch opening weekend and talk football?

    Background. We’ve been going out to Vegas 2x to 4x a year for the past 20 years. Been over the big playgrounds for several years now and have been hanging out at more offbeat spots we could find. However, I’ve yet to find a good spot to sit down and watch a couple of games without sloppy superfans or superbettors slapping their hands during every tv timeout trying to pump up whomever.


    Used to enjoy hearing you on JOX Todd, looking forward to more in-depth analysis.



    Todd –

    Never done sports gambling outside of Vegas so not clear on some things. (1) are online sports gambling sites totally kosher from a legal perspective?; and (2) as I am sure you’ll be able to help us make a little bit of money, what are the tax implications for gambling winnings? Write it down as income?



    Thanks Todd – would love for you to explain Reverse Line Movement, what to look for and how to explore it as a sports bettor.



    Big fan, Todd. Looking forward to reading your advice.



    In the betting industry, what is the common or most strategic way of standardizing betting size, basically payroll management. Do most good bettors determine a unit (say $10 or $100) as a part of your entire bankroll and wager one unit per bet, then like 5 units for a bet you feel more confident in? In my limited betting history, I’ve run into trouble by aimlessly choosing amounts to wager and think I need to devise a more efficient/profitable system. Thanks!



    Excellent question. Would love to hear answer on that.



    TheJackass: Haha unfortunately that happens all over the town. Are you looking more for a sportsbook or actual sports bar atmosphere to take in the action?

    Saban’s Coke bottle: thanks for the kind words, will be back with those every Weds this fall at 11central so keep tuning in

    6inchesofjonsnow: this is one of the biggest grey areas in all of gambling. technically playing at an offshore book is legal by the letter of the law. That being said unless you live in Nevada rarely are you presented with other options. My suggestion to fund those accounts for deposits and withdrawals would be bitcoin allowing you short waiting times. Once you then bring the bitcoin back to your bank account then I would declare it as income like anything else. Know this is a convoluted answer but hope this helped some

    zaustin: hold that question; we will definitely get to it later this season and want to make sure I give the topic proper attention. In the meantime this post from last November may help explain things a bit more http://www.bettheboardpodcast.com/2016/11/02/betting-basics-the-truth-about-sharp-money/

    dbranch: thanks, excited to be a part of the newest OKTC endeavor

    gtechdvd: excellent question and when it comes to money management I think exploring the kelly criterion is a great approach. The short answer is never bet more than 2.5% to 5% of your total bankroll on a single game. This is all about being able to quantify your edge in a particular event but fair warning takes time. You’ll never want to say start with $1,000 and be betting $250 a game just wont end well. Now when it comes to how many units you should put down a lot of this for me hinges on experience level. I personally wager 1, 1.5, or 2 units on 98% of my games. I will step out from time to time and bet more but it’s a rare occurrence. Now that being said my units for CFB, NFL, and NASCAR are much higher than baseball or college hoops. I’m just not a proponent of people betting 1 to 10 units on a game because it’s too wide a spread. Being honest if you can differentiate that much why ever even bet the 1 unit games just wait until the 10 unit hammers come around and start living on easy street.


    Clay Travis

    In all honesty, I think you guys are going to find Todd’s gambling analysis — and tutorials — to be the most valuable part of the Outkick VIP experience.

    I’m far, far from a gambling expert, but Todd has made me pretty conversant in the space. Amazing resource.



    So Oregon State 1Q and Colorado State -4?

    Gotta go big on the first game.



    Good to have Todd on involved with VIP your Twitter acct is great. I’ll be in Vegas 11/2-11/6 ready to roll. You should consider making that te VIP Vegas weekend CT.

    Anyhow random question but what percentage of Vegas winning tickets go uncashed because of whatever reason: lost, thrown away on accident or simply forgot about?

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    Thanks for all the info! On Bitcoin, any recommendations on wallets or Bitcoin in general? New to me.



    Todd, I feel like I have a good sharp book in 5D but I’m looking for a reputable square book where I can see some discrepancies in lines. Any suggestions?



    Todd, I like Dave Malinsky when I play college football, I believe he lives in Vegas, do you know him?? and if you do, what do you think of his analysis??



    How often does a line movement happen as opposed to an odds movement? And how should we view these?

    Texas A&M opens +3.5 (-110), then moves to (-105) then to +4 (-110)



    WVU_CD: Trust me, Clay and I have been discussing a good time to gather up all the OKTC diehards along with my podcast listeners. I’m sure once we settle on a date the turnout will be massive and well worth the trip

    As far as winning tickets that go uncashed it’s higher than you think. Each sportsbook puts a time limit on that, some as long as a year others as short as 90 days. Typically we bent over backwards even after a year to pay customers while I was at Caesars…just was good customer service. I’d say about 5% but so much depends on individual casinos.

    @MyBoyBlue :I use coinbase and Kracket as my exchanges but also purchased two separate hard wallets; Nano-Ledger and Trezor. I use my Nano much more because once it was set up found it more user friendly. The one drawback it took me 3+ mos to arrive but once it did felt more
    comfortable than leaving too many on a particular exchange

    Eta70: 5dimes is outstanding when it comes to options. They’re not always the best when it comes to keeping winners playing there as we’ve been kicked out for betting NASCAR there. That being said Bovada will be the best for recreational lines but prices come up late and limits are low. I have to recommend BetOnline, not only because they sponsor my podcast, but if there’s ever an issue I have a direct line to their customer service team for our listeners. There are also some generous bonus codes to load an account but please check terms and conditions since there are rollovers required https://promotions.betonline.ag/bettheboard

    xman Dave is one of the sharper guys out there providing analysis. I’ve actually had lunch with him a few times have nothing bad to say about him other than his affiliation with a site like Pregame which employs questionable ethics. If you’re considering paying for information just do your due diligence and make sure you can get the same lines because laying out cash ahead of time changes the margins you’ll need to turn a profit this fall



    Any really basic explanations you can provide would be great. I will readily admit to having very little knowledge about how it all works.



    Todd – How much of an advantage does the casual gambler gain from betting the early lines vs. game day or the day before?



    Yo Todd, i get 3 newsletters each week during football and basketball season, Power sweep, by Phil Steele, the gold sheet, and winning points where Malinsky writes up college football, do you like any or all of these info sources??

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